19 Secrets All Women Should Know (But Are Rarely Taught)

19 Secrets All Women Should Know (But Are Rarely Taught)

“Bleached underwear is a common and perfectly normal side effect caused by the pH of vaginal discharge!” — buh-nah-nuh

“Lactating women do not have just one stream of breast milk that comes out of the middle part of the areola.” — Egg_Cellent

“Your tummy will look different throughout the day. Usually it gets larger and smaller post-meal and from varying gas amounts. It’s OK. They’re made to protect organs, anyway, they don’t have to be as flat as a door.” — introverted-void

“There is no shame in doing a pregnancy test. In fact, if something is weird with your hormones/body that you haven’t experienced much before, it’s always better to do a test just to be sure. Even if it’s unlikely you are pregnant, if there is any likelihood at all just do the test and be sure. I heard of it so many times at this point that even fully grown women hesitate (sometimes for weeks!) to do a test and it can land you in hot water. Besides, it is agony to have that creeping doubt. Every contraceptive can fail and it’s much better to know early and have all the options. On that same note: Cheap pregnancy tests work exactly the same and are just as effective as expensive pregnancy tests. I keep a multipack of cheap stick tests just to be sure.” — Oookulele

“Miscarriage is normal.” — Past_Street_5943

“Your vulva won’t smell like flowers and it doesn’t mean it’s not clean/healthy. And you’re not supposed to wash the inside of it, your body cleans it itself.” — easypeasylemonive

“Ladies when you go for a smear test (or pap smear for my American gals) they guess the size of the instrument, the speculum, they need to use on you based on your height. It shouldn’t be painful, you can ask for a smaller one if it hurts. They just don’t offer that info out!” — smileylinzi

“Lumps in your breasts are not always cancer! Of course get them checked out, but it is COMMON to find cysts in your breasts! DO NOT STEW FOR MONTHS. GO TO THE DOCTOR ASAP.” — Jenyweny09

“Not only do you get to say no whenever you want, you also get to say yes when you want! Don’t let society teach you that you need to act shy or play games in order to be desirable. As a society, in order to stand our ground that no means no, women must also be willing to express when it’s a yes.” — Sipyloidea

“It’s pretty normal to have some level of diarrhea/weird poops when you’re on your period. Sorry it’s a thing, but if you’re reading this I’m glad you don’t need to get to like 30 before finding out it isn’t just you like I did.” — InannasPocket

“Your safety is always more important than a man’s feelings. If you feel unsafe, protect yourself first, think about how others may perceive you later.” — SemiSweetStrawberry

“Vulvas and breasts come in a wide variety of configurations. The range of normal is huge, please do not rely on porn or any pop-culture depictions to decide if what you’ve got is normal.” — InannasPocket

“Clean your makeup brushes. Your skin will thank you.” — bdp9850

“Just because there is another female present doesn’t mean you are automatically safe. Women can be predators too.” — spamari

“If a doctor quickly dismisses your extreme menstrual pain (or any type of pain for that matter) as being ‘normal’ or that you’re too ‘sensitive’, try to seek a second opinion. My ‘normal’ pain turned out to be endometriosis.” — BranwenTheRiveter

“Magnesium helps with period cramps when taken as a daily vitamin. Has saved my life on many occasions. — mdaws7

“Where you are in your menstrual cycle can effect your immune system. Ovulation = lower immune system. Reasoning for it is to try to promote a pregnancy. Your immune system, basically, knows what’s you and what isn’t you and will attack what isn’t you. Sperm isn’t you. A zygote/embryo is half you, half not you and might get attacked. It’s why your skin may look better while you’re ovulating and it’s why pregnant women are immunosuppressed. Period = strong immune system. It may be why you feel like shit before you get your period and why all those pimples pop up. Your body is now fighting off crap that your ovulation period let slip through, including pimples. We have no control over this. That’s the part that kills me, we have zero control.” — RU_screw

“Don’t hold different standards for yourself that you wouldn’t hold for the ones you care about.” — ArmadilloTight

“It’s okay to be rude if someone won’t leave you alone. You don’t owe anyone your time or energy.” — Jerkrollatex