19 Trends You’ll Only Remember If You Were A Kid In The 90s

19 Trends Only Kids Who Grew Up In The 90s Will Remember

“Getting pictures developed. After a vacation, dropping off disposable cameras not knowing what kind of crazy pics were going to show up.” — OGNini

“Those damn plastic jelly shoes. You know, the ones where your feet sweated like you were in purgatory? And then you’d slide in your shoes like an idiot?” — scubalubasteve

“Blockbuster. I sometimes wish they were still around. A place that would have every movie to choose from as opposed to changing catalogues every couple months.” — fist_my_muff2

“Wind suits! Matching jackets and huge pants in bright colors that made so much noise when you walked that you had to turn up your jam box.” — staciemowrie

“Fancy CD towers. But they’re just holding the cases, you have them all in a fake leather book in the car.” — stevens_hats

“Recording songs off the radio onto cassette tapes. I guess this is more 80s than 90s for most, but my poor ass was doing this well into the mid 90s.” — demonhellcat

“Handheld digital cameras. It astonishes me how quickly everyone had one then no one had one.” — mufan25221

“Those terrible Looney tunes gangsta t-shirts. I recall seeing them everywhere” — dusktilldonst

“Maps in cars. Having to plan your trip and make sure your map was handy so you would not get lost. Now everyone has a sat-nav or a phone with mapping.” — JohnG68

“Video cassette rewinders. Gotta make sure you don’t get that fine from Blockbuster or Hollywood Video. And if you went shopping at the right place you could get one that looked like a sports car.” — User4780

“Inflatable furniture” — cayce_leighann

“Internet Chat Rooms. Not MSN Messenger where you spoke to your friends but anonymous chat rooms with strangers. It was strangely exciting and you didn’t have to worry about creeps. I have a friend on Facebook who I met in an MSN Classic Rock chat room in 1998 but we’ve never met IRL.” — Firebrand777

“Easy Bake ovens, sure they are still sold but not really shown in commercials anymore.” — BikiniAlterBoy

“Blond tips. Even Justin Timberlake thinks that is a hair fashion that should never come back.” — yourmommaisaunicorn

“Bean bags aren’t extinct but are at least an endangered species. Haven’t seen one of those suckers since the early 2000s.” — Nate-Frogg

“Mixtapes and mix CDs. It used to be an art form because you had a limited amount of time to work with, unlike now where people can just make playlists that are hours long.” — -eDgAR-

“Those black platform flip flops. Totally impractical. Need to run to catch a closing door? Hope you like twisted ankles! What’s that? You got them wet and they’re squishy? Hope you like the soles of your feet black! Want to stand out…be original? Cool…here are the same flip flops but with a cheap butterfly on the side of the shoe in plastic shiny dots.” — ChristaKelli

“Parachuting soldier toys feels so specific, yet so accurate.” — Medjed90

“Actually setting aside time to go online, once you left your computer that was it. Now we live here.” — Bernie_Ecclestone