19 Turn Offs When You're In The Talking Stage

19 Turn Offs When You’re In The Talking Stage

When you’re in the talking stage, you need to be careful about the impression you’re making. You don’t want to make the other person uncomfortable. Here are some common turn offs when you’re in the talking stage:

Too Much Drama

“Someone who just feeds off drama. Like doesn’t talk about anything else but things that are going on with other people. I’m trying to get to know you, not some random sorority girl and what she did last weekend.” — soonimaru

Constantly Sexting

“Getting sexual too fast. If we haven’t even met I don’t want to talk dirty with you or have the entire conversation dominated by what sexual preferences you have. Sending unsolicited nudes also comes into this. Let’s start with a regular conversation” — Friday-Cat

Casting Judgement

“Super specific, but I hate it when people give me a weird look or comments when I tell them about my special interests. It’s hard for me to open up about my interests because of that exact reason.” — -cucumberbitch-

Playing Pretend

“When they change their opinion to match yours. Once you disagree with something they’re saying, they backtrack gracefully and try to make it seem like they’re on your side.” — AdelZee

Scrolling Through Their Phone

“Inability to disconnect from social media for even a short period of time.” — KAPSLOCKisON

Ignoring Your Interests

“When they treat me like I’m an NPC in their life, essentially they just want to use me for their own social needs but give nothing in return. Example, they talk about their day or challenges but are quick to change the subject when I try to talk about my interests. Sorry I’m so boring to you.” — Synyster328

Never Following Through

“Saying you’d love to get coffee multiple times but never actually following up. Like just tell me you’re not interested. Don’t lie to my face.” — Immediate-Sun7449

One-Sided Conversations

“When you ask all the questions, they don’t ask anything back and feels like an interview.” — Uchiha_Itachi_99

Giving One Word Answers

“A complete lack of ability to have a conversation. Like one word answers or thinking lol is a response.” — Alias_Unavailable

Acting Immature

“Someone who can’t realize that they are the cause of their problems, everything is usually someone else’s fault.” — PhantomOfDeezNutz

Picking Fights

“Maybe not the biggest but the one that occurs most often. Talking about fighting, or how you ‘put someone in their place’ Oh some guy cut in line at the taco shop so you knocked him out? I now think you’re psycho or a liar, either way I don’t think you’re the “bad ass” you think you are.” — brave_danny_flint

Spreading Hate

“Any expression of hate for a group of people. It’s fascinating how quickly people seem to talk about the things or people they hate when meeting someone new.” — ApatheticEmphasis

Pet Names

“Immediate use of sweetheart or other terms of endearment.” — Maximum-Company2719


“Smokers. I’m an asthmatic so even if they aren’t currently smoking, all I can smell on their clothes is future asthma attacks.” — FrustratedLemonPrint

Pretending To Care

“When they pretend to listen, but don’t make the least effort to make it convincing.” — Any_Weird_8686

Obsessing Over Astrology

“Horoscopes. When they base compatibility on horoscopes. Then when you disagree they say, ‘I knew it, such a Capricorn.’ Ridiculous.” — znebsays

Talking Too Much

“When they talk at you and don’t leave you with an opportunity to speak in between topics.” — 1122Sl110

Asking For Pics

“With online dating, people who ask for pics constantly. There was a whole profile for you to look at and we’re texting…just ask me out. Also uninvited sexual advances before we’ve even met? Get out of here.” — tomhanksismyidol

Being Flaky

“Being flaky on making plans. I get people are busy and things happen, but if you’re frequently flaky it’s unattractive.” — takemygoddamnmoney