19 Wild Ways People Discovered Their Partner Was Cheating

19 Wild Ways People Discovered Their Partner Was Cheating

“Her new boyfriend left 😘 on her Instagram picture. I clicked on his profile and his picture is them kissing. It was a pretty cool way to find out.” — casalien22

“Her Facebook profile picture had his reflection taking the photo. He had told me he was away for a weekend with his friends.” — eb123457

“Used her IPad on our honeymoon at Disney. She hadn’t used it in a while so when I powered it all her texts from her phone synced over. Saw the whole affair flash before my eyes.” — Super_diabetic

“Long dark hair in my shower. I’m blond.” — deepthots20

“Well the guy she was cheating with decided that he wanted her all to himself so he found me and told me about it.” — charrarenottrout

“Got chlamydia. I knew I didn’t mess around, and my ex before her tested negative, so there weren’t many options left. 1+1=2.” — ahjteam

“He drove past me when he was supposed to be out of town overnight for work.” — BlacksheepNZ1982

“Found the sex tape. I took it out, put it in my laptop and sure enough are like 20 different videos. Each file is titled with a date and time that coincide with her visits out of town. Sure enough they are all videos of her having sex with someone.” — Aqqaaawwaqa

“She tried making moves on one of my closest friends. Didn’t think he would tell me for some reason.” — Wooden-Preparation66

“I was early picking him up from work and saw the other woman dropping him off. They made out for a minute before he ran inside. He came out a few minutes later, having changed into his work shirt, and immediately started complaining about his coworkers.” — bluetinycar

“Drove to the fast food place my wife and I were supposed to have lunch at and saw her sitting outside with a coworker holding hands and feeding each other. I went through the drive thru, then honked at them. Her face went from confusion to shock and she tried to pull her hands away from the dude. Found out he was told I was her gay roommate.” — mikillbeorn

“Back when cell phones had limited minutes, I got notified that we were over our limit. Checked the last bill and nothing but her and her boss talking at all hours of the day. Then she stupidly left her e-mail open on my computer and I got to read how he enjoyed touching her boobs a lot.” — dadnoises

“My stay-at-home wife at the time got pregnant despite the fact that we hadn’t had sex for a while and I had a vasectomy. She tried to hide her pregnancy under the guise of weight gain but the medical statements in the mail gave away the purpose of her doctor visits.” — Negafox

“She accused me of cheating out of the blue. Made me jump through crazy hoops to prove myself, but ‘believed’ me. Everything settled, six months later she did it again. It took two more of these to see the cycle that every time I was accused, she was the one cheating.” — xtramundane

“He left his phone open to someone named ‘blocked’ texting him about her weird sunburn from her swimsuit straps. Funny thing is, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought if the contact name in the phone was anything normal. ‘So-and-so from work’? Whatever, not a second thought. But titling a contact ‘blocked’ (who clearly isn’t blocked since they’re messaging you!) is just a big red flag.” — BabaTheBlackSheep

“He bragged about it to a mutual friend thinking she wouldn’t tell me.” — Illustrious_City_420

“I suspected him of having a thing for my friend but he always gaslit me into thinking I was just insecure and paranoid. He had his phone connected to the Bluetooth in our (shared) vehicle. A text from my friend popped up and before he could stop me, I pressed ‘Read’. Text message said, ‘I love you, can’t wait for tomorrow.’ That day ended a 7 year relationship.” — Deezus1229

“He was still logged into Insta on my phone browser and I saw all their messages.” — BelleLovesAngus

“He called me to tell me he was at his guy friend’s house. Okay love you have fun. Two seconds later my phone rings again and I can hear him and a woman laughing at ‘how easy that was.’” — ArtoftheEarthMG