2 Zodiac Duos Who Never Stop Fighting For Each Other

There are some relationships that are worth fighting for. And there are some zodiac signs who will go to war for love. These are the zodiac duos who will never stop fighting for each other:

Aries + Taurus

There is no question about it — you two fight for love. Aries, you’re so hotheaded in general and when you set your sights on something or someone, nothing and no one can stop you from achieving that. When a relationship faces some bumps in the road, you will persevere. You will fight for your Taurus partner. Taurus, when things get tough, you’re not the type to give up and walk away — you’re too stubborn for that. Being ruled by Venus (the planet of love and sex) makes you want love so badly that you’ll be patient and determined to make the relationship with Aries work.

Scorpio + Capricorn

You two are so strong-willed and determined to make a relationship work. Capricorn, when you’re committed to a relationship, you are committed. You’re loyal as hell! You trust yourself to stay in something if it feels good and you’ll leave if it doesn’t. You don’t do anything halfway and you’ll put the time and energy and effort into making the relationship with Scorpio work if it’s the last thing you do. Scorpio, you’re incredibly intense and care for your Capricorn partner so deeply. So when you feel like your relationship is threatened or on shaky grounds, you’ll fight to defend it and keep it going.