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2 Zodiac Duos Who Seem Like Twin Flames But Are Actually Karmic Partners

Taurus and Libra

Both signs are ruled by Venus, which could indicate a solid pairing full of love, pleasure, and all things hot and heavy. While they might be destined to fall for each other, they’re also destined to fall apart too. Venus’ ruling makes them intensely drawn to one another, which is why they could mistake each other for twin flames. But these two are karmic partners. They’re like night and day, with Taurus being grounded in love, practical, and stubborn, and Libra is a hopeless romantic, indecisive, and conflict-avoidant. They are karmic partners not only because of that instant connection but because they won’t be able to find balance in the relationship.

Gemini and Scorpio

These two will be drawn to one another: Scorpio will feen for Gemini’s playfulness and Gemini will be enchanted by Scorpio’s emotional intelligence. They will develop a dynamic that is rich and mysterious, so much so that they become obsessed with one another. However, this is a merely karmic relationship because of how wrong they are for each other. Flighty Gemini will feel overwhelmed by Scorpio’s intensity and Scorpio will feel out of control and neglected by Gemini. There will be a lot of resentment and hostility in this duo and it’s not meant to last.