Lissy Elle

2 Zodiacs Connected To Their Spirit Guide

There are some zodiac signs who are grounded and centered on Earth. And then there are other zodiac signs who are more in tune with spirituality, religion, the Universe, and a Higher Power.

Here are two zodiac signs who have the strongest connections to their guardian angel:


Pisceans are known to be the most spiritual zodiac sign. They are deeply imaginative, intuitive, and empathetic to the emotions of others. It’s easy for this water sign to create a deeper connection to both people and spiritual energies because they are more psychic, clairvoyant, and in tune with their guardian angels than most. They care about personal growth and creating a life worth living, and so they call upon guardian angels to help them — and others — on that journey.

Pisces’ guardian angel is Barchiel, the guardian of kindness, faith, and clairvoyance. Pisceans are good at exploring their soul and their feelings and Barchiel is a healing and guiding hand in that.


This air sign is a free thinker who constantly questions everything. But when they believe in something, like the power and the answers from an unexpected source, they believe in it. They accept it. They’re very open to new practices and ways of thinking and have a strong understanding of what is going on in the world. With their strong desire to create positive change in the world, they channel their spiritual insights for guidance.

Aquarius’ guardian angel is Archangel Gabriel, the angel of light presiding over the heavenly court. Gabriel brings free thinking, humanism, revelations, hope, and truth.