Yaroslav Shuraev

2 Zodiacs With A Childlike Sense Of Imagination & Wonder


Sagittarius individuals lead jubilant lives filled with vivacious experiences and quirky people they adore. They explore the world like a child does— full of curiosity, questions, and wonder.

This childlike essence makes them innate globetrotters as they always are seeking new experiences that open their minds to our human existence. Sagittarius individuals are incredibly receptive to new ideas and can imagine far beyond what their five senses take in daily. Their profound imagination helps them in all facets of their life as it allows them to connect with new people easily, adapt to new roles quickly, and encounter more sincere life experiences that they will remember for life.


Geminis are known for their high level of intelligence and it’s because they keep an extremely open mind. Gemini folks are keen to learn something new every day and operate best when taking in new information about the world around them.

They approach new situations full of intrigue and admiration, just as a child would, which helps them wholeheartedly process any experience they endure. Geminis love making new connections. They are innate social butterflies because their chameleon-like tendencies help them keep an unbiased approach when forging new relationships.

Gemini individuals are constantly fascinated by what the world has to offer them and they are eager to profoundly experience all of it. Their childlike sense of wonder and their vast imaginative mind are sure to take them far in life.