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20 Feelings, Large And Small, That Only A Soulmate Can Provide

Soulmates feel like a fairytale thing that doesn’t exist right? As if they only appear if you’ve employed the help of a crafty witch or if you happen to lose a shoe on a night out. They aren’t make-believe, though–they’re just hard to find. And isn’t that one of the things that makes them so special?

We all know at least one couple who are clearly soulmates. They’re the elderly couple who sits at the park to feed the pigeons every Sunday. They’re the pair who met and married within a week and have stayed together for years afterward, proving everyone wrong.

So how do you recognized your soulmate? It’s how they make you feel, how they change your world into one with more color and magic. And it’s better than you’ve ever experience in any of your other relationships. Here’s how you’ll recognize your soulmate:

  1. When they remember something you discussed ages ago as if it happened only yesterday.
  2. When they pick something up at the store, unbidden, because they know it’ll make you happy.
  3. When they make you feel like a kid again in all the best ways possible.
  4. When, even after months or years, you still have so much to talk about.
  5. When, no matter how silly you can get, they make you feel safe to be yourself.
  6. When you don’t need distance to know that you’d miss them terribly.
  7. When they respect that you need time to yourself sometimes.
  8. When they cuddle up to you, and your heart swells like it never did with anyone else.
  9. When they hold your hand through the tough times, a rock when all you need is stability.
  10. When they lead with compassion in moments when your exes would have made you feel less-than.
  11. When your friends and family tell you they’ve never seen you so happy and at ease–and it’s all thanks to your soulmate.
  12. When even your fights end with a hug and a kiss and the understanding that your love can weather anything.
  13. When you see other relationships crash and burn and you don’t recognize any of their failures in your own.
  14. When your friends are sick of how sweet you both are together, in the best way possible.
  15. When you both grow and change in the same direction, knowing that you fit together both as individuals and as a couple.
  16. When you can’t picture a future without them.
  17. When your feelings of love and appreciation are beautifully mutual.
  18. When your life is so much better for having known them.
  19. When you realize that all the troubles you’ve been through in life has been leading to this.
  20. When you know, deep down, that this is it.