25 People Discuss The Things That Are So Ancient That Only An Internet Veteran Would Remember

1. The Username Struggle is Real

Signing up for a new email address and the username not already being taken.

Glorious times.


2. Virus Fears

When we used to risk getting viruses just to get cool cursors


3. Paper Maps

If going on a long car journey, having to print off directions from MapQuest.


4. Online Research

When doing research online- Wow this site has had 300,000 people visit, the information must be legit


5. Encarta

Anyone else remember that trivia game built into Encarta, where you had to answer trivia questions to get through this castle where everyone was basically frozen creepily into place and couldn’t be freed unless you made it to the end?


6. Real Player – Enough Said

Real Player.

Also: uninstalling Real Player.


7. Flash

Not being able to play flash games until the flash player had been updated.


8. Good Times

Playing pool in yahoo chat rooms.


9. AOL

Making aol away messages in the funky fonts and colors. And those midi sound files that played on a loop. And those dress up “dolls”. It would take AGES to download all of those images.


10. Desktop Themes

Remember desktop themes? Changing all your icons, mouse pointer, computer sounds, etc., to images and sounds from, like, Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist or whatever.


11. Multiplayer Hassles

Having to physically carry your computer around to a friend’s house if you wanted to play multiplayer.


12. Signing Onto The Net

Actually having to “switch on” the internet. Opening the shortcut, typing password and clicking connect and then waiting for the dubstep music to finish.


13. CDs

Putting a music CD into the computer to check out the “extras” only for it to load way too slow to do anything with.


14. Basic HTML

Old websites written in a notepad file with basic HTML using tables for spacing/formatting and images that took forever to load. This included lower than lo-fi midi audio files that auto played when the site loaded and “webring” affiliation links at the bottom of the page.

People thought making a personal page look professional meant it looked like a newspaper column with a “table of contents” link list on the left side in traditional roman numeral style list.


15. Only Books

When Amazon just sold books.


16. Floppy Disks

Floppy disks and CD’s that came in the mail containing 500 free hours from AOL.


17. Get Off The Phone

Having to make sure no one is on the phone so you can use the internet


18. Expensive Mistake

When I set up our internet for the first time mid 90s I accidentally had it calling a long distance number. Dad received a phone bill for $2800. We no longer had the internet in our house after that.


19. Ask That Guy

Ask Jeeves


20. Porn Problems

Starting a ten minute clip porn download on LimeWire before you left for school and still having to wait for it to finish when you got home.

Then have your dad get mad bc of so many viruses on his computer.


21. URLs

Having to actually type out “http://www.” before entering the website.


22. Are They Lazy?

OMG that just unlocked a childhood memory- I used to get so annoyed when parents would type a website name into the search bar and look for the website link that way. I was like, “Why can’t they just type out the whole website url? Are they lazy?”


23. Chatrooms

Going into AOL chatrooms and saying, “Hey! They put a fireworks show into the chat! Hold Alt and hit F4 and you’ll see it!”

Then watching as, one-by-one, chatroom participants disappeared.


24. LimeWire

Ah yes, LimeWire was like having unprotected sex with the internet. Guaranteed virus.


25. The End

Reaching the end of the internet.

It was possible to run out of new websites to visit.