20 People Share The Most Attractive Things A Guy Can Do For A Girl

It isn’t muscles or cars or showing off a wad of cash. The most attractive things a guy can do for a girl are quiet, sweet, and heartfelt. But don’t just take it from me. Read on for what some people said are the ways to a woman’s heart.

When he makes her life easier.

I found and bought my girlfriend pants that fit her well and have pockets. Like, put a wallet and a phone in one and still have room for her hands sized pockets. The past two weeks have been the most consistently happy I have ever seen her and I no longer have to reserve one of my pockets for her use.


When he shows her he thinks of her.

My gf says just keeping her in mind when doing things, no matter how small.


When he does something nice just because.

Something I recently did that she said left her speechless:

Been hanging out and talking a lot for the last month or so. I stayed at her apartment the other night, and that night asked her if she’d officially be my gf and she said yes.

Anyway she had to leave for work at 5am after we stayed up very late the night before, and I had work at 4pm the same day.

Its hard to get a uber that early and I would be dead halfway through my shift so she said I can just stay as long as I wanted since her door automatically locks when it closes.

I decided to sleep another couple hours and when I woke up I did all her dishes that had kind of piled up over the week and made up her bed and just tidied up her apartment before I left.

Wanted to do something nice for her since she’d have a long day off little sleep and she can just go home and relax.

Anyway the messages she sent me when she got home were so cute and overloaded me with serotonin seeing how happy she was and her saying “I didn’t know you could be any more attractive” basically lol


When he keeps her well-fed.

Feed her.


When he doesn’t just do the bare minimum.

It doesn’t take much either! I had gotten used to dating assholes in my 20’s, and met my boyfriend when I was 28 and he made me easy Mac when I was hungover and I said out loud, “this is the nicest thing a guy has done for me” lol, and he responded with “then you’ve been hanging out with the wrong people”. Still together at 41!


When he remembers the little details.

I had a guy who had ordered take out while I was driving to his place and he bought me dolmas (stuffed grape leaves) without me asking because at some point I said I loved them haha. I was like DAMN YOU ACTUALLY LISTEN TO ME? He’s like uh yeah I like you.


When he helps her when she needs it.

One of my guy friends came over when I was sick once. He cooked me my favourite soup from scratch, cleaned my entire kitchen and then went home. He’s my boyfriend now.


When he writes to her.

Write love letters. Or just letters. My husband (of ten years) just started doing this recently, I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me.


When he’s passionate about something.

Anything you are passionate about. Nothing more attractive than someone truly doing what they love.


When he takes care of the little things.

This happened to me just last week. Was getting into bed with the guy I’ve been seeing and he stopped and said “let me take off your earrings, I don’t want them to hurt you”. I’ve been thinking about it ever since.


When he’s a whole person without her.

Doing things for himself. Basics like cooking, cleaning, dishes, etc. But then also things/hobbies that make him happy and give him a social life independent of her.


When he moves her hair behind her ear.

So personally; use his hand to move hair out of my eyes or face and behind my ear, even if it isn’t needed, eye contact, and then give a loving look with a slight smile. No words needed.

Every time it’s like the bones in my legs turn to noodles.


When he doesn’t get complacent.

Keep trying to win her affection even after you already have it.


When he puts in the effort.

He tries… he tries to make my life easier. He supports me when it’s not. He doesn’t say he’ll do something and then never do it. He doesn’t roll his eyes if I ask him to do a chore or help me with something.

Just… give real effort. Even if him and I don’t succeed in something at least I can say I have a partner who fought tooth and nail along side me. And we’ll do it again when we make a new plan because we won’t let the other give up without a fight.


When he communicates.

Strong communication skills.


When he has a good heart.

For me, show me you have an honestly good heart. I’m not talking about when it’s in front of me – I’m talking about what you do outside of the dating world.

I want a good father for my future children. Someone who will actually comfort them when they’re sick or have a boo-boo, who will sit on the floor and read them their favorite book even if they’re dog tired, etc. Everyone is going to get old one day, but their hearts will always stay pure and beautiful, so that’s what I’m looking for.


When he knows when to listen and when to talk.

Listen when she wants to talk and talk when she wants to listen 🙂 A further point is both of these things have to be natural and not forced.


When he knows what she needs, and provides it for her.

My wife had to travel for work and gets migraines. When I picked her up from the airport I had her favorite drink and migraine meds waiting in the car.


When he’s there for her without expectations for anything sexual.

It’s the ‘without expectations’ part that a lot of guys fuck up. It does not mean ‘pretending to be without expectations.’


When he doesn’t treat her like his surrogate mom.

Be an adult. Wash your own clothes, pick up your mess. Be a partner instead of looking for your mum’s replacement.