20 Situations That Are Complete Nightmares For Introverts

20 Situations That Are Complete Nightmares For Introverts

“Afterparties. You mean there’s more stuff to do after the stuff we planned on doing? I only have so much energy to deal with people and it was already used up.” — Nyctomancer

“Being picked out of the crowd at an assembly, concert, magic show etc.” — fedwood

“When your boss unexpectedly wants you to present something or talk about something in the moment. I need like a couple days to prepare myself for any speaking engagement.” — koriroo

“As a child my worst nightmare was when my parents got visitors and I’m stuck upstairs hungry and thirsty because I can’t access the kitchen.” — mikasott

“Meeting a coworker that you don’t know very well on the train, locking eyes and having to engage in conversation for the next 30-40 minutes.” — jew_biscuits

“Networking events. With the groups that form where you either have to find a way into the conversation or awkwardly stand outside the circle.” — reAchilles

“Small talk. If I’m gonna give you my attention and take myself out of my inner world you’d better have something stimulating to talk about.” — anewstartforu

“The surprise party thing leaves me so torn. On the one hand, people like and think about me enough to throw me a party? Gee, thanks, guys! On the other hand, I do not want to be the center of attention ever. I am going to stifle this panic attack, put on a smile to say thank you, and then hide somewhere.” — DirtyArtKid

“Any kind of public speaking is my own personal nightmare.” — freakitikitiki

“Phone calls. Receiving and twice as bad having to make one” — Isand0

“Unexpected visitors when you’re at home. Don’t fucking do this it is very rude.” — prettyqueerdad88

“A large wedding. Being the center of attention for an entire day sounds fucking terrible. Especially with a lot of family members I don’t particularly care for, or haven’t seen in years and having to pretend like I’m happy to see them and ‘oh my gosh it’s been soooo looong.’ Nooooo thank you.” — Sun-Public

“Waiter/waitress bringing cake and singing happy birthday in front of the whole restaurant.” — watermelown-1999

“Those ‘share a fun fact about yourself’ around the room questions in class/at work.” — EnAmazing

“Having to form a group on a school project. Knowing damn well you’re going to get the lion’s share of work and partial credit.” — Midastouch09

“Carpooling to a family Christmas party and having to wait until everyone is ready to go home.” — watermelon-bubblies

“Being told to smile more. Sorry don’t have the energy to give a fake smile. I only smile when happy.” — turtle-girl420

“Unexpected contact always gets me. Even from people I like and would like to get in touch more often. I hate that I can tell that makes no sense and I still can’t do anything about it.” — FelipeNA

“Comments like, ‘Look who finally came out of their room’ or ‘Oh wow you can talk!’ when I finally step a bit out of my comfort zone.” — True_85

“Sitting home alone, wishing you could enjoy the social things other people do but knowing if you went you’d be even more miserable.” — CallMeJase