20 Shockingly Good 'Bad' Movies You've Been Sleeping On

20 Surprisingly Great ‘Bad Movies’ You’ve Been Sleeping On

Some movies aren’t technically well-made but they’re still worth watching. In fact, some of them are even better than the blockbusters that everyone won’t stop talking about. Here are some surprisingly good ‘bad’ movies that are worth the watch:

13 Ghosts. I just rented it last month to see if it still held up because I LOVED it when it was first released. Bad visual effects aside (like anytime blood was needed), I still really enjoyed it. Matthew Lillard was great.” — harleyqueenzel

Overboard, with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. I have watched this movie at least 50 times. It is wonderful.” — love-hamilton

“Now and Then. I know it’s an oversimplified gender-swapped Stand By Me and the casting choices for the adult version of the characters were a bit questionable, but goddamn I love that movie. It came out when I was close in age to the kids at a time when adventure movies featuring girls weren’t super common. And the young actors (and brief appearance of Brendan Frasier) were so good.” — wesailtheharderships

Waterworld. I know, there are HUGE plot holes and some major plot lines just done make any sense at all, but it’s still an entertaining movie and the parts that make any sense are very well done. Plus Costner.” — frgetaboutit00

George Of The Jungle. It’s an iconic movie of my childhood but seems to have just fallen through the cracks for so many. It was stupid, silly and even for what it was it was just a rather weak movie not an outright bad movie but not iconic as I view it. Then Brandan Fraser added his charm to it, very few could have had such a transformative effect on a movie in my opinion.” — Edolas93

“Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1987 masterpiece Running Man. There’s no finer example of late 80s dystopian cinema, no better example of Schwarzenegger making a film work when it had no business working, no film closer to the pure joy of the early 90s show American Gladiators. You can actually see the stunt props in the final film.” — LastExitToSalvation

“Evolution (2001). It’s an impressive mix of contrived, slightly problematic, and ridiculous but somehow it just works for me. I think it’s mainly because I think Orlando Jones is amazing in anything he’s in” — thekrogg

Mr. Brooks. Kevin Costner as a serial killer with William Hurt as his alter ego. I don’t think it did very well and people barely ever talked about it but I just love something about it.” — Kaizenno

The Underworld movies. All of them. Pure, perfect early 2000s leather covered trash.” — archivol

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. The plot was so full of holes that it just stopped making sense. Once you leave that behind it’s extremely entertaining and so awesomely bad. How Rose Lindsay overlooked all of the illegal shit happening I’ll never know.” — Vaxxinateurkidz

The Replacements. Pain heals, chicks dig scars, glory lasts forever.” — Fit-History4313

Anaconda. Jon Voight’s wink at the end? Classic. Loved the sequel too. Doesn’t matter there aren’t any Anacondas in Borneo. Facts don’t matter in these movies.” — LoonieandToonie

“Oh man, do I love Congo. It’s really not good. The script is hilariously terrible. There are a lot of great actors in it who seem to know what kind of movie they’re in, and a few not-so-great actors who don’t.” — SergeantChic

“Jumper. The movie butchers the book but somehow I still enjoy it. The book series is great though! Well worth the read.” — The-Insomniac

Road House is objectively a ridiculous movie but I love it.” — Bigstar976

“Sky High. That was a fantastic fun watch even if it was horrible cinema.” — rilian4

“I still have real affection for Mortal Kombat (1995) even though I admit half of the movie looks like deleted scenes from Xena Warrior Princess.— CluelessPatzer

Hackers. Pure trash but was every 12 year old hacker’s wet dream of what hacker culture was. It wasn’t this, not even close, but for some reason I have to watch this every few years. It’s like an earworm.” — tarnin

“Dragonheart. Corny as hell but will always hold a special place.” — PepeLeKek2016

“I love the movie Ladyhawke. The score by The Alan Parsons Project is interesting but doesn’t fit with the era of the movie. I like Matthew Broderick, but he was miscast here. His acting and wisecracking lines are a bit jarring. I still love this movie for the story and the two main leads, along with most of the other actors.” — delmar42