20 Tinder Turn-Offs That Lead To Left Swipes And Lonely Nights

20 Tinder Turn-Offs That Will Lead To Lonely Nights

If you’re on Tinder, you need to make the best possible first impression to get more matches. Even though you should always be yourself if you want to find someone who fits you well, it’s also good to know what bothers other people on the app. Here are some common Tinder turn-offs:

“People who don’t have a bio. Even a small one will do. I actually want to know something about you other than your face.” — hughby1

“Guys with shirtless pics (that aren’t on a beach or whatever). Girls with Snapchat filters on their pics.” — philboswaggins

“The ‘just ask me’ thing bothers me a lot. It pretty much just shows who’s going to be doing all the talking.” — MisterQuiver

“People who keep messaging you but only really respond to exactly what you said. They give no effort, but they always reply. Why? If this isn’t interesting to you, then please just stop replying. Because you’re sending some pretty mixed signals. It’s ok to not be interested.” — SiVonn

“When a guy has pictures of him and another girl or other girls in general. Like, is that your sister or your ex? It’s weird.” — imaginaryland

My friend made me make this. Damn I didn’t know your friend was holding you hostage so you can find a date.” — Ravenae

“Asking for nudes right off the bat. Dude, I don’t even know you. Sweet talk me a little bit, damn.” — dumbassporchdick

“When the girls have a heigh requirement in their bio. I’m 6 2, and usually meet them, but still, that’s so fucking shallow.” — nicholasflynnpolidor

“Really, reeeeeally not into people who are holding up dead fish. I also hate it when someone has no pictures of just them (i.e., every picture is in a group), but that’s more of an annoyance than a turn-off.” — [deleted]

“If every photo is a selfie from the same angle with the same expression, you’re only lying to yourself.” – [deleted]

“If all of his pictures are just of him flexing. I get it. You think you’re hot.” [deleted]

“Standing next to that elephant or that tiger. You know the ones.” — [deleted]

I’m only on here for a laugh haha. No you’re not. You’re on here because you’re lonely and don’t want to admit it.” — AJKettles

I’m into healthy living, implying no one heavy, since every photo is you with a drink or smoke in your hand.” — [deleted]

“Not putting any effort into messages leaving me with nothing to reply to.” — [deleted]

“Agreeing to a date then ignoring me the day of the date.” — ruggala

“Your first picture being not a picture of you.” — ruggala

“Waiting hours or days between every response. I know you’re trying to play it cool, but its ridiculous. We are trying to have a conversation, right?” — koreamax

“I don’t like pics of dudes laying in their beds. I think its just me but it’s super weird and uncomfortable. “ — DarkWingDarling

“When every one of your pics has you holding a drink.” — aimhelix