21 Super Confusing Things Boyfriends, Hookups, And Husbands Do

21 Confusing Things Boyfriends, Hookups, And Husbands Do

Sometimes, women don’t understand the choices men make. They simply don’t make any logical sense. Especially the things on this list:

“When you send a text with two questions back-to-back and they only answer one.” lindafancyontheb

“Not remembering something we talked about an hour ago.” — SourceTotem

“Their refusal to make future plans. I have a lot of guy friends and most of them act like we can’t hang out anymore when I tell them that they have to make plans in advance to hang out with me. I’m currently not in a position where doing random things on the spot is a viable option for me and they just can’t seem to respect that.” — The-Silver-Princess

“Get squeamish about a little period blood but obsess over bloody/violent media.” — ThunderHeavyRains

“Pretend to not like things. Every dude in my life has always adamantly been against something even though they obviously enjoy it. My dad always pretended to hate my cats even though he loves to pet them and wouldn’t move them if they jumped up to sleep on him. My bf acts like he hates game shows and then sits down and plays them actively when I’m doing it. Why do so many guys pretend to hate things?” — xxUltraViolence

“Put their clothes beside the hamper not in the hamper.” — Alaska_Sliraffe_907

“How can you guys differentiate and communicate with head nods of different angles with total strangers but you can’t recognize ‘the look’ girls have sometimes.” — [deleted]

“Refusing to go to the doctor.” — irish011

“That they can have friends they’ve known for years but not have picked up more than basic information about them.” — mronion82

“Spending 40+ minutes on the toilet. What are y’all doing in there?!” — antaresiac

“Trying to impress women by doing things that would only impress other men.” — racheltpotts

“Why do men love the the top of the door frame??? They always jump for it.” — wyngardiumleviosa

“Taking any opportunity to throw things into something like it’s a basketball.” — New_Sun2334

“Talk 5x louder the second they’re on the phone.” — BeEccentric

“The whole alpha/beta/omega/sigma thing. Just sounds like zodiac signs for guys imo.” — JustAnotherAviatrix

“How do you just fall asleep? Just lay down and fall asleep immediately.” — skeletaldecay

“How they can literally just have nothing on their minds. Like what do you MEAN you don’t have a constant inner commentary?” — museofmusic23

“Spit in public.” — One-Armed-Krycek

“Men can do that exaggerated walk when their balls stick to their legs and nobody bats an eye. I adjust my bra and people stare at me like I’m I’ve just committed the eighth deadly sin.” — Amy-Paradise

“Turn up the volume on whatever they want to watch so loud that the bass shakes the windows… and then fall asleep on the couch.” — Astoriana_

“They are always holding their penises. At my school at least, they always have their hands on their crotch. It’s like a fidget toy for them.” — Ask_-