21 Men Reveal What Women Do To Give Them Butterflies

21 Men Reveal How Women Give Them Butterflies

If you want to impress a certain someone, it might not be as hard as you think. Here are some common things that give men butterflies:

“When they wear those sweaters that a little too big for them and one shoulder peeks through the neck.” — [deleted]

“More of a thing when you’re in a relationship, but when they snuggle up with a blanket and you can only really see their head, that shit is ridiculous.” — -3than

“When I’m sat down and a girl runs her hand across my neck when she leaves.” — SolomonKhalifa

“Singing. Doesn’t have to be good or anything. Just Idgaf singing. So full of life, I love that shit man.” — [deleted]

“That look they give you when they bite their lip. Ho. Lee. Shit.” — BobisBadAss

“Besides flirting, anyone I am attracted to smiling because of something I said gives me butterflies.” — damboy99

“Physical touch. Holding hands, hugs, leaning against me. Just one of my love languages.” — EducatedHoustonian

“If I’m seeing a girl and she runs her hand through my hair I become powerless” — Leptoxulon

“That hairstyle where they tie front parts back leaving two stringy bits in front of their face and leave the back down.” — David_13710

“When she sends a pic for no reason.” — KingwoodSloth

“Biting the lip… makes me go crazy.” — Jesus_and_me

“Leaning against me, absolutely one of my favorite feelings.” — Laiskis100

“Give me compliments. It doesn’t happen a whole lot, but if a girl says I got cute eyes or just am cute then that gives me a nice tingly feeling.” — Lightmareman

“When you’re sat down and she comes and gives you a hug from behind and rests her chin on your trap muscle, and you can feel her hair on your neck and shoulders, and the warmth of her skin, and just her general tenderness. Also as she talks and you feel her soft lips lightly brush your neck.” — FaceFirst23

“Prolonged eye contact for no fucking reason.” — monibhai

“My girlfriend always takes my hand and runs her finger through my palm and IT KILLS ME – and tickles a bit too.” — DiscountDjura

“This isn’t specific to girls, but my girlfriend does the little hand flaps when she’s really happy and it makes my day.” — FermentedPickles

“When she tucks the stray hair strands behind her ears, subtle lip bites, giggles.” — Ambafanasuli

“Put my head on your lap and pet me like a dog and I’m all yours. I don’t care how weird that sounds, pet me, feed me, and entertain me a little and I’m loyal to you forever.” — DasEisgetier

“Not a boy, but it doesn’t matter since I like girls anyway. Drives me bananas when she ties her hair up and shows a little belly… or wears cut off shorts.” — shame-bell

“When they cook for me. I’m rubbish in the kitchen and when someone makes me a meal, that is the most loving and nurturing thing I can think of.” — moonrakernw