22 Women Answer The Question “What Do Girls Never Tell Guys?”

There might be some truth when it comes to the stereotype that guys don’t understand women. Maybe if we told them all the things we keep to ourselves that would help? So when a reddit user asked what girls never tell guys, there were some fire answers. Read on if you want a peek behind the curtain.

Pretty Beautiful

Sometimes we think men are pretty. Pretty as in “the way your eyes are shining in the sunlight reminds me of fireflies” or “your lips look plump and soft and the way your brow furrows when you’re concentrating makes me smile.” But we also know men don’t typically like being called pretty because they’ll think we don’t see them as men. Like we’re feminizing them, but I cannot express how much I wish I could call men pretty without upsetting them.


Limited Compliments

We don’t compliment you as much because we’re afraid you’ll think we’re interested in you sexually.


It’s Not Your Looks

Your looks are almost never the problem when we don’t want to go further with you.


Yay for Butts

Women love butts. Women absolutely love men’s butts. Women want men with nice butts.


The Anxiety is Mutual

Sometimes we’re really scared to talk to you, too.


Bathroom Chats Remain a Mystery

Specifically what was discussed in the bathroom.


Women Talk

That we girl friends discuss each and everything with each other. So, if you’re flirting with two friends simultaneously, there is a high chance that both of them are laughing at your texts behind your back.


Demonic Sleepovers

The demonic rituals we did as children at sleepovers.


Those Beautiful Lashes

That many men have been blessed with perfectly thick, long, luscious eyelashes and us girls are a bit jelly of that fact.


We Really Don’t Know What’s Wrong

That we sometimes just don’t know why we’re mad or upset. Hormones can be depressing. Even if we’re in our 30s and been dealing with this shit for ages. Sometimes we’ll just be a little bit less ourselves and feel sad. Saying nothing is wrong is maybe easier than saying I don’t know what tf is wrong. “What do you need?” Is what my husband asks and it really helps. It’s either cuddles or to be left alone for the whole day!


Hair, Everywhere

We remove hair a lot more than just our legs, bikini, and armpits.

It differs for us all. Stomachs, sideburns, upper lip, chin, nose, nipples, chest, feet, toes, arms. Pretty much anywhere men grow hair.. we got it. Always great when it’s just peach fuzz. But not always the case!


Holding Ourselves Going Down Stairs

Catch me sprinting down the stairs like a crazed reindeer doin the full arm titty scoop so I can jump those last 6 stairs without discomfort.


Fast Cars and Annoyed Women

When you drive really fast I don’t think it’s cool I think you’re an inconsiderate arsehole.


Our Poor Bras…

Sometimes we don’t wash our bras for weeks.


Listeners Wanted

Idk if this is for all girls but from my own personal experience, when I vent, I don’t want advice. I want someone who will listen and not judge.


No Vulnerability Here

That women also often bottle up their feelings and are afraid to be vulnerable around others.


Hidden Secrets

The tampon box in the closet is where I hid the good chocolate.


The Bloodbath

How much blood comes out and the jelly-like stuff during our periods.


That Scraping Sensation

How painful taking out a dry tampon is. Feels like your insides are being scraped out


The Distraction

The entire time you were talking to me I was bleeding through my tampon and didn’t follow a word you said because I’m wondering if I have another fucking tampon in my bag.


The Dirty Hair Hairstyles

Always so funny when I have my hair in French/Dutch braids and someone compliments them but all I can think is “you have no idea how badly I need to wash that.”


We Know

We know when you’re staring … 😉