25 Hilarious Things You Never Want To Say On A First Date
Wiktor Karkocha

25 Hilarious Things You Never Want To Say On A First Date

You need to be careful when you’re getting to know someone if you want to make a good first impression. One wrong word could ruin the date. Which is why you should keep in mind these things you should never say on a first date:

“Where would you like us to be buried?” — Infolife

“You look very different while you’re sleeping.” — cyprka

“Phew, you’re lucky I’m into personality over looks.” — corn_cakes

“Does anyone know you’re here?” — McAwes0meville

“I only agreed to go on this date because you look like my sister.” — LordCrunchMaster

“Will you marry me?” — TaylerHull

“You smell like my ex.” — laconicwheeze

“I can’t wait for you to meet my dolls.” — cleaning-meaning

“I had to get permission from my mom to come here tonight.” — Amb_301

“You know you can make money at home and be your own boss?” — ERN3570

“Ah yes. You’ll do just fine.” — thisendup76

“How much money do you make?” — WillieFromBadSanta

“My mom was worried you might be a serial killer, I wasn’t worried. What’s the chance two of us on the same date, right?” — DemanoRock

“My ex was so much more fun.” — shawnglade

“Sorry I’m late. I’m still drunk from last night, so it took longer to drive.” — whittlingcanbefatal

“You remind me of my wife.” — sinjin88

“Have you been keeping up with your Kegels?” — Final-Currency-5326

“What’s your social security number?” — ComedianZanahoria

“What season did you start playing Fortnite?” — TheDarkShrk

“Did you know 50% of all people are into extremely kinky shit?” — WimbleWimble

“I might be incapable of loving anyone.” — Less-Buyer194

“Sorry I can’t stay long, I’m seeing another girl later tonight.” — Caramel_Cappucino

“It rubs the lotion on it’s skin then it places it in the basket… or else it gets the hose again!” — Grillparzer47

“My therapist says I need to move out of my comfort zone and meet new people, I think it’s because she’s worried if I die in my home no one will find me before my cats eat me.” — ChipmunkGlittering37

“…Here’s Wonderwall.” — NathanCollier14