25 Men Reveal Their Real, Unfiltered Thoughts When Their Wife Walked Down The Aisle

25 Men Reveal Their Raw, Unfiltered Thoughts While Watching Their Wife Walk Down The Aisle

Have you ever wondered what grooms are thinking as their brides are walking down the aisle? Well, here are some husbands who will tell you the truth about what was running through their head on that special day:

Damn, I can’t believe someone this gorgeous wants to marry me!” — braxistExtremist

Please don’t turn around and run away. My wife doesn’t like to be the center of attention, and she was incredibly nervous about the whole thing.” — PeterGibbons316

“I was pretty upset about how much we had spent on the wedding. (I don’t believe in fancy weddings, but it was her dream, so I went with it. Plus, happy wife happy life, right?) As soon as I saw her walking down the aisle, I thought, I could have paid 30 times over the amount to live this moment over and over again.” — Buttsniffingroach

I wish her dad was alive to see this.” — IsReadingIt

“Why did we even wait this long? We’d known each other for eight years before we started dating. And we’d always liked one another.” — Tall_Mickey

Keep your shit together. I failed, by the way – totally bawled through the vows. Tears of happiness, of course – still going strong 14 years later.” — smartnotclever

Holy shit, I’m about to marry my best friend!” — [deleted]

Damn this song is still going on? They played some long version of the song she wanted to walk down the aisle on instead of the shortened version.” — Im_not_that_angry

Please don’t trip.” — [deleted]

Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry.” — thedugong

Oh my god… She’s more beautiful in this moment than I’ve ever seen her. You’re not breathing. You’re not breathing. You still aren’t breathing. Ouch, fuck, why does my chest hurt? Holy shit, there’s a huge lump in my throat. Is that why I can’t breathe?? Oh man here she comes. Shit is getting blurry. JUST. BREATHE! I didn’t pass out or anything. I was literally for the first time in my life 100% breathless. It was fucking scary and amazing all at the same time.” — Lavyn

Someone can be this happy??” — toygunz

Whew. She finally showed up. Now I don’t have to stand here alone! Still thinking it 20 years later.” — macmcregor

Oh my god, I am so fucking hungover right now.” — DamnNoob

“So, we both waited for marriage to have sex. I kept thinking, I’m getting laid tonight!” –[deleted]

Don’t fuck this up, you dumb sonofabitch.” — Weegemonster5000

“I was trying to think up a dirty joke to whisper that would make her crack up in the middle of the ceremony.” — chicken_slaad

I’ve seen this in my mind a hundred times but now it’s really happening.” — elcapkirk

I should’ve bought better shoes, these fuckers make my feet hurt.” — robangryrobsmash

Oh my God, she’s so beautiful and this is so wonderful.” — twovultures

Don’t pass out. Don’t pass out. Don’t pass out. Don’t pass out.” — snackboytwo

We should have really come to rehearsal. I am way off queue.” — Jatrap

Holy moly what is she thinking? Is she really about to sign up for this??” — [deleted]

I’m having sex with that lady tonight.” — BobSacramanto

“Honestly? I didn’t really have much going through my mind at all. I just felt happy. Happy because my best friend was about to become mine forever.” — slubwack0678