26 Red Flags That Guys Dump Their Girlfriends Over
Caroline Veronez

26 Red Flags That Guys Dump Their Girlfriends Over

Sometimes, little things can make a big difference. If a guy notices one of these red flags in his relationship, then he’s probably not going to remain with his partner for long:

“She’s always the victim in her stories, never the villain or the one who fucked something up.” — Saminka

“Laying on a guilt trip if you’re going out with your friends and she’s not invited. Everyone needs time apart to hang out with their people.” — scarletantonia27

“If she makes fun of your biggest insecurities in front of other people for a laugh 🚩” — cerebralpancakes·

“Always deflecting the blame when you confront her about any sort of issue, no matter if directly caused by her or not.” — Jay4025

“When she constantly traps you in difficult situations, like asking if she or her friend are prettier, shit like that. Sometimes they’re just looking to stir shit and there’s no right answer. Just run man.” — sweetonionchild

“If she’s got nothing going on in her life except you. Expects you to fill all of her needs.” — SegoLil

“Slowly removing friends and family while making it seem as if it’s in your best interests.” — ArtemisFoxx

“Making decisions on your behalf without asking – including what you will eat, wear or do.” — neuroticteletubby

“Women who follow ‘rules’ for dating. I have a friend who follows rules from Sex and the City. If she’s dating someone, they have to move in together at the 6 month mark, get engaged at one year, etc. It always ends in disaster and she’s so focused on meeting those goals without paying attention to how her partner feels about any of it.” — fuxkyouforever

“Mind games, like ‘if you really loved me, you’d do this and this for me,’ and such.” — exyxnx

“If a woman is passive aggressive, please run. Anybody who can’t speak their minds on something will make you miserable.” — Dreamy-Pisces

“The need to document EVERYTHING on social media.” — burritostrikesback

“Trying to change you and mocking your hobbies. They should be accepting of you, not who they want you to be.” — mycatiscalledFrodo

“Hitting you. I don’t care if you’re a big guy and she’s much smaller than you. No one … male, female, nonbinary, gender fluid. I don’t care. No one should lay hands on you. If she hits you once, she’ll do it again. Get out and never look back.” — yourbabyisboring

“If she gets jealous whenever she’s not the sole source of your joy/happiness.” — zoeelynn

“Romanticizing being a psycho. It’s not cute, it’s a massive red flag.” — sannachan

“The only way she knows how to make conversation is to complain about something.” — Symnestra

“If she’s never been single. Serial monogamists often struggle to be who they are.” — apostate456

“Exaggerated self importance and excessive admiration for themselves might seem like positive aspects to have, but are really major red flags. If it starts feeling like your relationship revolves around their happiness, RUN!” — ArtemisFoxx

“This is early into dating but if she makes excuses constantly that she’s busy or has to cancel last minute when making plans, but then will proceed to hit you up if she needs something. I understand being busy but goddamn some women don’t get that people lose interest fast when you keep doing this.” — ThatOneDudeWithAName

“If she expects you to pay for everything. You’re in a relationship, not a bank and a client.” — Dahlia_Steps

“Poor money management. Having money for extras like manicures, expensive make up, etc but then being shocked and stressed when her car needs a repair because of the expense. Someday those will be your responsibilities if you stay with her.” — TXteachr2018

“If they treat you like a pet whose only job is to make her happy, buy her things, and give her attention, while she does the bare minimum in return.” — Mel_1289

“Constantly putting down other women.” — SilverDove28

“If she’s trying to stir up drama just so the relationship can be ‘fun’. I saw this with a former friend. Spicing things up as a couple is all good. But if she’s stirring up the pot by letting other guys flirt with her just so you can play jealous boyfriend so you can ‘rescue her’ from a situation she started as if it’s some movie or something, STAY AWAY FROM HER.— geligniteandlilies

“If you walk away feeling depleted after spending time with her.” — LikeReallyLike