29 Hilarious Responses To An Ex Texting That They Miss You

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29 Hilarious Responses When An Ex Texts About Missing You

Your ex is your ex for a reason, so don’t feel the need to respond to their messages. If they text you saying that they miss you, here are a few funny responses you can use:

“And I miss the part when that’s my problem.” — SzakaRosa

“Really? Because I missed myself when I was around you.” — alexander2120

“I have that effect. I can put you in contact with others who feel similarly and maybe you could get a support group together?” — Honeyrose88x

“This is the reason I left you, because you keep entertaining your exes.” — CaterpillarFree1617

“You can miss me with that BS too.” — DiasFlac42

“So you finally coming back with the milk?” — InternationalBet2958

“You’re a chapter in my book I never want to reread.” — idontknowmaybenot

“You don’t miss me, you miss having someone who would put up with you being a shitlord.” — Striking-Mackay

“Understandable, have a nice day.” — Neat_Company_2465

“May the Lord Jesus Christ give you comfort and companionship in your season of loneliness.” — TedTyro

“Awww and I miss the back of your head and that cute way you would walk out doors, can you show it to me again? “ — mythicSB

“Sorry who is this?” — National_Ad837

“Hello there, the angel from my nightmares, the shadow in the background of the morgue.” — iampurelush

“Aww did your current significant other finally realize why I left?” — Star_Wars_1955

“That’s another thing we don’t have in common.” — Skullsand-214

“Just gonna have to keep missing me, because I sure as shit ain’t coming near you.” — 0MoonStone

“You and every other ex, what’s new?” — Kahlen-Rahl

“You’ve got a left hand, use it.” — Meteorblues

“Well, that makes one of us…” — pArAmOiD

“Lol that sucks.” — NoLake2327

“It’s okay, it’ll pass.” — ComfyHomonto

“You don’t miss me, you miss the convenience of having me there to use for your personal pleasure or gain, which is why we split.” — Mage-Tutor-13

“That sounds like a you problem.” — BusinessForeign7052

“I don’t care. Have the day you deserve.” — 7Mars

“I’d miss me too.” — Rockspider19

“I like things the way they are. Don’t contact me again, ever.” — Stormallthetime

“Of course you do and I know why. Let me tell you. You went to other people and they all treated you like shit and then you realized that the way I treated and kept you was the best you ever had and the best you’re ever going to get and you realized that now. Since you realized that after being treated like shit you started missing me and here we are. Accurate enough?” — ahoyymaite

“*Send that gif of Lucille Bluth looking bewildered as she slowly closes a door, then block.*” — littlestinky

Don’t reply. A lot of times I’ve seen this is because the relationship had its issues and the ex is lonely or going through some shit or alternatively just plain trying to fuck with you. Don’t reply. Move on.” — Window_Watcher