Brandon Woelfel

3 Types Of Breakups That Are The Hardest To Get Over

Breaking up is always difficult, but these three types of breakups can be the most brutal.

1. The Situationship Breakup

A situationship breakup will sometimes hurt more than an official relationship falling apart because it wasn’t supposed to be serious. The undefined nature of a situationship will make you feel as though your feelings aren’t valid and what you shared together wasn’t real. Because of this, you’re likely to internalize all of your heartache, making it all the more painful and lonely.

2. The Right Person, Wrong Time Breakup

Going through a breakup with the right person, wrong time is one of the worst heartbreaks you can experience because there was nothing that technically went wrong between you both; it was simply circumstantial. You will grieve what never got the chance to bloom. You will continue asking what-if for long after they’ve gone. You will cling to the last shards of hope before you eventually have no choice but to let them fall away.

3. The Breakup You Didn’t See Coming

And finally, being blindsided by a breakup will always be one of the most devastating ways to get your heart broken. It will feel as though you have had the wind knocked out of you, the rug ripped out from beneath you. You will be confused, you will blame yourself, you will vacillate between hating them and begging them to stay. It will be a roller coaster of emotions to say the least.