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3 Zodiac Signs Always Protected By Their Strong Intuition

Here are three zodiac signs always protected by their strong intuition.

1. Scorpio

There’s a reason Scorpio’s lucky charm is the evil eye! Scorpio is one of the most perceptive of the entire zodiac. This is all thanks to their strong connection to their intuition, which helps keep them safe from harm and ill will. Scorpio can sense even the most minor threat a mile away. Coupled with their vindictive ways, Scorpio’s gut is never wrong. In fact, Scorpio’s intuition protects them in all sorts of scenarios, from romance to career situations to even just avoiding certain highways at times. For reasons Scorpio can’t fully explain, they just know when something isn’t right.

2. Cancer

As the sign of the crab, Cancer’s natural instinct is to protect themselves and go into their shell whenever they happen to feel unsafe. Cancer is also highly intuitive, particularly emotionally and in relationships. This means that Cancer just knows when someone doesn’t have Cancer’s best interests in mind or has ulterior motives. Cancer’s intuition will always hint when they should steer clear of someone else. And then, Cancer does.

3. Virgo

Virgo is incredibly intelligent. Virgo possesses a sharp intellect agility and a deeply observant nature. These traits help this grounded earth sign understands things with ease, quickly able to decipher when something isn’t adding up or is even potentially harmful. Virgo’s intuition always keeps them from making the wrong choice or trusting the wrong person.