Merili Magi

3 Zodiac Signs That Are Set To Enter Their ‘Rich Girl’ Era This Year


Gemini, this is your year to delve deep into your money mindset. As an air sign, you possess the ability to embrace new perspectives and challenge old beliefs. This year, it’s time to turn your focus inward and unearth those pesky limiting beliefs that have hindered your financial stability so far.

Perhaps you’ve long struggled with thoughts of scarcity or self-doubt when it comes to money. Maybe you’ve held onto beliefs inherited from upbringing or past experiences that no longer serve you. Whatever the case may be, the time has come to confront these beliefs head-on and cultivate a more positive relationship with money.

Embrace practices that align with your Gemini nature, such as journaling, affirmations, and exploring new ideas. Dive into literature on money mindset and abundance, and surround yourself with supportive communities that uplift and inspire you. This is your year to cultivate positive money habits, embrace financial abundance, and pave the way for a wealthy future.


Libra, you understand the importance of balance in all aspects of life – including your finances. This year, embrace the power of regular money dates to attract financial harmony and abundance in your life.

Set aside dedicated time each week to review your finances, from income and expenses to savings and investments. Create a ritual around these money dates, incorporating elements of gratitude and intention-setting into your practice. Write down a gratitude list for all the abundance that has flowed into your life, and set clear financial goals for the week ahead.

By engaging in these regular money dates, you not only gain clarity and control over your finances but also become a magnet for even greater abundance. The Universe responds to your intentionality and commitment, sending opportunities and blessings to support your financial journey.


Capricorn, this is the year you take your financial prowess to new heights – you are primed to master the art of investing to multiply your money.

Step out of your comfort zone and dive into the world of stocks, shares, and different forms of investment. Educate yourself on aligned investment strategies and explore opportunities that feel inline with your long-term money goals. Surround yourself with friends, books, podcasts and Instagram accounts that can offer guidance and support as you navigate this financial chapter.

As you deepen your understanding of investing, you’ll inspire those around you and become the go-to person for all things related to managing and multiplying money. Your friendship group are going to be inspired at your new level of knowledge, so prepare yourself for a wealth of questions – excuse the pun.