Jacqueline Whitney

3 Zodiac Signs Who Could Definitely Start Their Own Business


Are you ready to take the business world by storm, Capricorn? Your innate work ethic and unwavering discipline are your superpowers. Saturn, your ruling planet, bestows a rare gift upon you: the ability to craft long-term visions and actually execute them. In the business world, this makes you pretty much unstoppable.

You’re great at knowing your strengths and using them to set achievable goals. You’re not afraid to dream big, but you’re also realistic: the perfect combination for success. Whether you’re looking to launch your own side hustle or head straight into running your own business, a self-run startup is a great fit for you. Your approach is less about reinventing the wheel and more about making it the most reliable one on the market. 


Virgo, your logic skills make you particularly suited to entrepreneurship. Mercury rules your sign, giving you the power to communicate your innovative ideas with precision and charm. As you toy with the idea of launching your own business, think of areas where your analytical prowess can shine. 

Choose something that you’re passionate about and that matches your skillset – that should almost be easy for you, Virgo. Your high standards for yourself and your work will set you apart from others in the same market. 


Leo, your natural leadership ability is magnetic, drawing in people who share your vision. It would be easy for you to attract both clients and other like-minded employees. Your charisma will bring others to your business, but your generosity and talent will keep them there. 

You’re someone who doesn’t mind thinking about the long term, so as long as you keep an eye on the future and continue building yourself along with your business, you’ll be a big success. Plus, your eye for luxury and aesthetics means any venture you choose to run would be top quality.