3 Zodiacs Entering A Transitional Life Phase On December 11

So many people seem to have their life together, that it can feel like you’re falling behind. While others might be entering new life paths, getting them much closer to their goals in love or career or adventure, that’s not the case for everyone. For these three zodiac signs, December 11 marks a new life phase of transition. You may have to deal with some upheaval and massive changes before you finally feel settled again, but good things come to those who settle in for the ride.


As much as you’d like to feel settled right now, you’ll have to adjust to the transitional phase you’re in starting December 11. While you’re normally good at figuring out what you want, that hasn’t come so easily lately, and there’s no end in sight to that indecision. Rather than fighting against the current, just accept that it’s going to take you time to figure out what you want. Use this transitional life phase to embrace the change and discover new ways you want to live your life. Your next phase might take you by surprise if you do.


While others might find a transitional life phase intimidating, you love the challenge. You thrive when you have to buckle down and figure out what’s next. On December 11, start visualizing how you want your life to become. Use this life phase to outline exactly what you need to do to get there. It’ll take some time, but that’s what this phase is for: Taking your time to become the exact person you were meant to be.


When you’ve figured out how you want your life to be, you’d prefer for it to stay the same. That’s why you were probably hoping that your sign wouldn’t be on this list. Alas, life sometimes has plans for us that we weren’t expecting or wanting. On December 11, something will start pulling you toward a new transitional life phase. You could struggle against it, but in the end it might be totally out of your hands. The sooner you can accept that you’re in for a time of change, the easier that transition will be.