3 Zodiacs Starting A New Life Chapter During The Super New Moon On February 9

February 9 marks the super new moon in Aquarius. The super new moon happens once a year when the moon’s in its closest position to Earth. New moons are already a perfect time in astrology and tarot for a fresh start, but with it being a super new moon, you’re likely feeling more powerful than ever. On February 9, these three zodiac signs will be most likely to start a new life chapter, one of manifestation and hope.


To an outsider, it might seem like you’re always working toward a new life chapter. After all, you’re royalty when it comes to making a plan and sticking to it. But it’s the sticking that’s the problem. It’s hard for you to veer off track when the plan no longer suits you. The super new moon is a good chance to let go of your prior self-commitments. There’s nothing wrong with changing your mind. In fact, switching focus from a stale plan to something that works better for you is the mark of a confident and courageous person. On February 9, follow the renewing energy of the new moon and start your next life chapter.


The idea of starting fresh sounds so lovely to you, but it rarely ever graduates from more than just a daydream. You think about how hard it would be to start over, how much you’d have to say goodbye to. But starting your next life chapter doesn’t have to be a scary thing. All you have to do is shed just a bit of your past and take one step toward your new future. February 9’s super new moon is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Let go of the parts of your life that are no longer serving you. You’ll feel so much lighter.


This is the super new moon in Aquarius, so it’s fitting that you’d find yourself on this list. While you’re always striving to be better, it’s usually within a narrow view. You improve, you don’t change entirely. There’s nothing wrong with changing, though. For your special super new moon, think of the ways that you hold yourself back. Are your self-perceptions helping you or hurting you. Then go forth in this time of renewal to shed what doesn’t work and to create a next life chapter that takes you to a new heightened version of yourself.