Sophie Oatman

3 Zodiacs Tempted By Their Shadow Selves On December 10

Our shadow selves are the pieces of us that we repress due to fear or anxiety or embarrassment. They’re the dark impulses and weaknesses that color everything we do without us even being aware of the connection. While we often prefer to work in the light, not letting our base desires take over, every one of us has our weak moments when our shadow selves take over. On December 10, these three zodiac signs will be tempted by their shadow selves. Will you heed the call?


Your shadow self is most connected to your instincts and intuition. Your anxiety and social empathy causes your shadow self to suppress your intuition about the people in your life. A voice in your head is telling you not to trust someone or give them a second chance, but your shadow self buries that voice, making you second-guess how you feel. On December 10, that shadow self will try to convince you to give concessions to someone that you know, deep down, doesn’t deserve it. Will you be tempted to ignore your intuition, or fight against that pull and listen to your gut?


Your shadow self preys on your anxiety when it comes to how you interact with people. It has you constantly second-guessing yourself. You’ll analyze every word and emoji of every text you send or receive. You’ll agonize over every interaction to the point that you’ve picked it apart to find meaning where there is none, all thanks to the dark words of your shadow self. On December 10, you’ll be in a social situation that’ll spark that anxious response. You can give in to your shadow self and agonize about it, or you can shut it down and work in the light.


Your shadow self triggers your flight response any time you’re faced with adversity, fights, or awkward social situations. You’d rather just go off and be on your own than deal with what’s going on. On December 10, something will happen that’ll have you tempted to run away. Will you listen to your shadow self as it insists you’re better off away from people, or will you stay and work on the problem?