Matheus Bertelli

3 Zodiacs That Are Entering Their Villain Era This Weekend (September 8 – 10)


The stars never lie. This weekend and the entirety of fall you are officially entering your villain era – acting up and letting loose. You’ve worked long and hard to prove yourself to others. Now it’s time for others to prove themselves to you. You’re setting healthier boundaries and speaking out like never before in your major relationships and friendships. You’re also allowing yourself to have fun without any more inhibitions and without caring about people’s judgment. Now you’re putting yourself on the throne and putting people in their place if they try you. There’s a reason you’re considered the justice-bearer of the Zodiac.


Sagittarius, you’re a bright and sunny sign that cheers up a whole room as soon as you enter it. You’re optimistic and always brimming with joy. But this weekend in September, people are about to see more of your dark, feisty side and you’re going to be the karma many toxic people have always needed to remember how to act right. On the lighter side, there will be lots of champagne and partying involved as well. A villain empress still needs to keep herself “hydrated” after all. 


Everyone might assume you’ve always been in your villain era, but that’s simply not true. You’ve just always been willing to say what other people aren’t courageous enough to say and stand up to the people no one ever puts in check. Now everyone’s about to really discover what actually happens when you fuck around and find out – the Scorpion way. But knowing you, you’ll still find a way to fit in some mind-blowing sex and philosophical discussion into your weekend plans. 

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