3 Zodiacs That Always Beat The Polygraph Machine

Contrary to popular belief, polygraph machines are not foolproof. According to the American Psychological Association, “most psychologists agree there is little evidence that polygraph test can accurately detect lies.” Not only that, but the American Polygraph Association estimates that the accuracy of these tests is 87%.

Of course, there are some zodiacs that are better than others at beating a lie detector. Here are the signs that can beat a polygraph every time.


It’s almost impossible to faze the steadfast Bull. Since polygraph tests are designed to measure a person’s response after being thrown off balance, they don’t work very well on Taurus. By remaining their relaxed, contained, and reflective selves, this zodiac will pass any polygraph with flying colors. 


This zodiac is a natural storyteller. For The Twins, beating a polygraph is as simple as telling a compelling story…and believing it. By using the gift of gab, silver-tongued Gemini can talk circles around a polygraph machine…and slip beneath its radar.


Calculating Scorpions will use their penchant for research to beat a polygraph. Once they learn that the best way to beat a lie detector is by offering one-word answers to questions, giving quick and decisive responses, and breathing steadily and normally throughout the test, this zodiac’s falsehoods will escape detection.