Liane Cumming

3 Zodiacs That Can Make A Successful Power Play This July (When the Sun Trines Saturn)

July 10th marks an empowering trine between the authoritative Sun and ambitious Saturn. For several zodiacs, a path to leadership will become clear. Landing a high-powered job, launching a business, or taking the helm of an important organization are among the exciting possibilities.  

Find out whether you’re one of the 3 signs destined for glory during the first half of July. This trine may present a rare opportunity to move up the ladder to success. If it does, grab it!


Saturn, the planet of career success, is currently sitting at the very top of Gemini’s natal chart. As a result, this zodiac will have tremendous professional luck until February 2026, when Saturn leaves their 10th House of Ambition, Authority, and Recognition. Gemini’s will get an extra dose of good fortune on July 10th, when the Sun forms a beneficial trine to Saturn.

As a result of this happy transit, Gemini will have a shot at becoming a respected leader in their chosen field. Endeavors related to photography, fashion, or film are especially favored. Ultimately, though, The Twins can prosper in any industry they choose, thanks to this beneficial trine.


The spirited Sun’s visit to Cancer’s 1st House of Identity showcases this zodiac’s natural leadership abilities. As a Cardinal sign, the Crab has the capacity to inspire others to greatness. Driven, creative, and nurturing, this zodiac can be particularly successful in the arts and entertainment arena.

The Sun’s favorable angle to Saturn in Cancer’s 9th House also benefits leadership opportunities related to travel, education, and publishing. If none of these fields appeal to the Crab, that’s fine. This driven sign can succeed at anything they desire, provided they venture out of their shell. 


The ultra confident Sun is now touring Libra’s 10th House of Career Prospects. While turning heads is never a problem for this attractive sign, it will be easier than ever for Librans to assert their executive abilities this month. Their professional success will reach its pinnacle when the Sun trines Saturn on July 10th

Not only can people born under the Scales of Justice get big promotions, but they will have the loyal support of their peers. That’s because taskmaster Saturn has been making its slow journey through Libra’s 6th House of Work and Service. Now that this zodiac has demonstrated their worth as the most talented person in their department, they can move up the ladder to success.