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Horoscope For Today: Wednesday, April 3, 2024

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Conflicts between the heart and head occur when the moody Capricorn Moon squares Mercury in Aries at 12:11 am when you think it’s time to take actual but feel uncertain about rocking the boat. Fortunately, the Moon’s sextile to Venus at 12:58 am, followed by another sextile to Neptune at 1:40 am, helps soothe anxiety. 

At 5:08 am, the fog starts to clear when the Moon moves into visionary Aquarius. A conjunction between the Moon and powerful Pluto at 8:23 am gives you the courage of your convictions. Prepare to manifest a romantic fantasy later in the day, when alluring Venus conjuncts glamorous Neptune at 9:10 am.


Resist the impulse to speak your mind. You’re prone to change your opinion now that Mercury is going retrograde in your sign. It’s better to project an air of consistency than pipe up whenever the mood strikes. Retreating to a lovely fantasy world will soothe your ragged nerves. It’s a fabulous day to linger in bed with the one you love. Indulging in self-care is also a . Your adoring public can wait while you recharge your batteries. 


Trust your heart over your head. Venus, your ruling planet, is beaming waves of unconditional love to you. If you’ve been wondering whether you should take a class or a trip, book it. Bring an extra bag, as you’re sure to find some beautiful gifts for friends, family, and—most importantly—yourself. Friendship can turn to romance if you are so inclined. Enjoy a passionate clinch with someone you trust and adore. 


Just because a friend gives you advice doesn’t mean you should take it. You’re busy weighing your options. Postpone making a move until you have all the facts. In the meantime, people are loving your posts and creative contributions. If you’re longing to land a job at a glamorous organization, apply today. You have a knack for intuiting people’s wants and needs, even before they’re able to express them. Dressing up may feel fun today.


You won’t impress an authority figure by jumping at their command. Take a measured approach to everything you do. If you disagree with a proposal, speak up. Be firm. Your instincts are right on target and will prevent an embarrassing mistake. The chance to go on a glamorous trip will fall in your lap. Pack your swimsuit, as it looks like you’ll have a chance to luxuriate by a pool, ocean, or lake.


After obsessing over work and health matters, you decide to finally relax and enjoy yourself. Give yourself a handsome reward. An attentive partner wants to shower you with affection; let them. Basking in the glow of their adoration makes you purr with happiness. If you’ve been trying to manifest your SP, it can happen today. Spend a few minutes imagining what it feels like to be in their arms. Hear them whispering words of love in your ear. Let the magic unfold.


Worrying about money won’t improve your financial situation. Appreciating your ability to spin straw into gold will. Practice redirecting your thoughts every time you catch yourself fretting over bills, envying someone else’s good fortune, or cursing your salary. Envision looking at your bank app and seeing a big balance in your checking account. Emanate the vibration of the car you desire. Use the power of your mind to manifest the love affair of your dreams.


Stop letting a member of your inner circle dictate if your feelings are valid. Your emotions are not up for debate. How you express them makes the difference between staying stuck where you are and catapulting to a higher level of happiness. Luxury is like nourishment for you. Pamper yourself with a new fragrance, set of sheets, or pair of shoes. Then use your elevated mood to make an important shift, like getting more exercise or ridding your closet of unwanted clothes. 


Love is yours for the asking. If it feels like someone is trying to break down your defenses, they are. Return their smoldering gaze with a nod or faint smile, then head off someplace private where you can abandon yourself to passion. Are you uninterested in romance? Pour your energy into a creative project that makes your heart sing. Don’t show your work to anyone else. Keep this endeavor a private matter. That way, you won’t feel pressured to compromise your vision. 


You’re famous for telling the unvarnished truth, but you might want to check this impulse when dealing with a love interest. Making fun of their morning breath or bedhead could land you in the doghouse, which is the last place you want to be. An opportunity to check out a beautiful place to live could fall in your lap. Use your gift of gab to negotiate a great rate on a home loan. Alternatively, you sweet-talk your way into a lower rent.


Family may be nagging you to change your behavior. Ignore these petty criticisms and keep doing you. Although you don’t make snap decisions, this has never impeded your success. Continue to do things at your own pace. If a certain style doesn’t resonate with you, maintain your way of doing things. You’ll get a beautiful affirmation from someone you admire and respect. It feels great to impress those who share your high standards. 


An upsetting email or text threatens to throw you off balance. Practicing the simple art of revision will feel therapeutic. Simply take a few moments to get centered, breathe deeply, and imagine the scene as you wish it had unfolded. Bask in that feeling of being praised, thanked, or accepted for a few moments. Then open your eyes and go about your day, knowing you’ve shaped the future the way you want. A lucrative job with plenty of glamorous perks is coming your way. 


You can twist anybody around your little finger today. Seize this opportunity to ensnare a specific person in your web of intrigue. If you’ve been contemplating a makeover, go for it. This is also a good time to purchase toiletries, cosmetics, clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Don’t worry about the cost—treat these purchases as investments in personal happiness. There’s a good chance you’ll get a few freebies today; acknowledge them with a grateful heart.