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3 Zodiacs Who Are Having An Epic Halloween Weekend (And 3 Who Aren’t)

It’s the weekend some of us have been waiting all Spooky Season for! While Halloween technically lands on Monday this year, you know all the best parties and events are happening on the weekend. How’s you’re weekend going to go? Check the following lists by your zodiac sign to see if your Halloween will be epic…or a possible fail.

3 Zodiacs Who Are Having An Epic Halloween Weekend…


Honestly, you’re down for any excuse to dress up as someone else. You’re the one bursting through the door, waiting for the gasps and cheers as people see what you’ve come up with for your Halloween costume this year. The cleverer the better! You’re not above using a pun as the basis for your costume. You’re a well of great ideas, which is why your friends often go to you for a list of last-minute costume ideas.


Leave it to you to host an epic Halloween party. Regardless of the theme, you’re going to put on a great show. And if you can be the center of all the attention while doing it? Then you’re totally in your element. Your Halloween will be especially epic if you cater some of the event to your friends–like a Halloween movie marathon with everyone’s favorites. Either way, grab the candy, your favorite spooky drink of choice, and party your weekend away in style (aka, covered in skeleton makeup.)


Your friends can find you in a back room of the party leading a spooky séance. Rather than just throwing on a sexy cat costume and drinking beer until you puke, you embrace the macabre of the holiday. If anyone’s about to forget about the scary factor, you’re ready with plenty of scary stories to tell around a bonfire or the spookiest horror movie to give everyone nightmares. A trip through a haunted house? Yes, please.

…And 3 Who Aren’t


I’m not saying your Halloween weekend won’t be good. I’m just saying it won’t be “epic” in the classical sense. Luckily you wouldn’t have it any other way. You’d prefer to spend the holiday with only a few select people at most, and preferably in your own home. Just a chill night watching movies and eating snacks. And you know what? It sounds perfect. Never let someone make you feel like that kind of Halloween isn’t special or awesome.


You’ve tried. You really have. You’ve got a cool costume–perhaps working on it for way longer than you should. You have it all planned out. Here’s the problem: It’s going to feel like everything is falling apart. Friends are late, someone’s costume has ripped. Your plans aren’t going smoothly and that’s stressing you out. The night can always be salvaged, but it won’t be epic if you’re so hung up on what’s going wrong.


Halloween itself isn’t the problem; it’s other people. You might be better off spending the night solo, because if you attend that Halloween party you’ve been invited to, you might be uncomfortable the whole time. Hanging around the food table all night while you roll your eyes at other revelers isn’t exactly a recipe for fun. Then again, if the party hosts have a dog or a cat you can hang out with all night, this thing could be salvageable.