Zen Chung

3 Zodiacs Who Don’t Think A House Can Truly Be A Home Without A Dog

Dogs are some of the most beautiful beings to walk this earth. Dogs provide companionship, unconditional love, and true loyalty. Here are three zodiac signs who believe a house isn’t a home without a dog.

1. Cancer

Nurturing Cancer is a homebody to their core, and nothing is cozier to Cancer than curling up on the couch at home with their furry companion. Cancer takes great joy in caring for their pup. Ca Cancer considers their dog to be their family and treats them as such. A dog loved by a Cancer is a dog loved well.

2. Gemini

Social butterfly Gemini’s extroverted ways don’t just apply to humankind; they translate to canines as well. Gemini is easily able to connect with dogs because Gemini is curious and adaptable, important elements of dog parenthood. Gemini is more than willing to learn everything there is to know about dog training and making their dog as happy as they can possibly be.

3. Virgo

Like Cancer, Virgo is made to nurture and take care of others. This includes dogs too. Virgo’s perfectionist tendencies coupled with their drive for constant improvement means that Virgo will do everything in their power to have the best-behaved, joyful doggo possible. Virgo could never imagine walking through their front door without being greeted by their fur baby. It just wouldn’t feel like home then.