Anete Lusina

3 Zodiacs Who May Struggle During The Full Moon In Scorpio (But Will Be Better Off For It)

Things are about to get intense with the arrival of the full moon in Scorpio!

On April 23rd at 7:47 PM (EST), we will all experience the full moon’s effects as it appears in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is associated with transformation, intensity, and rebirth, which can be deeply fulfilling and terrifying to engage with. Scorpio doesn’t shy away from what we are afraid of or what is taboo or hidden—it embraces them!

Full moons are often markers of doors closing and letting go to make room for new chapters. While this is a necessary step, it can be painful or difficult to navigate, especially if you are trying to avoid or run away from the things that weigh heavily on you.

The good news is this isn’t a doom and gloom experience. If you’re willing to prepare and take the time to face your fears and concerns head-on, this full moon could be a major step in exciting new moments for you in the future. It may not be the easiest to deal with now, but remember, the struggle is worth it. Embracing this transformation could pave the way for a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Check your signs below (Sun and Rising!) to see which signs may struggle during this full moon in Scorpio. 


It’s time to address what’s happening under the surface, Aries. This full moon is illuminating your 8th House of Intimacy and Shared Resources, and it’s time to face some of those insecurities and deep-seated wounds you’ve been trying to outrun, notably with others in your life. Rather than staying on the move, it’s time to slow down and examine how you connect with those closest to you and how you can foster stronger closeness. Scorpio is known for wanting to dive deep and isn’t afraid of addressing the more taboo topics in life. This period is about being honest about what you’re truly feeling and experiencing, even if it’s uncomfortable or nerve-wracking. However, you’ll never have the closeness and intimacy you desire if you can’t lay your cards out on the table. Having these conversations may not be easy, but it’s worth it down the road.


You may be having some tough conversations coming up, Virgo. The full moon is occurring in your 3rd House of Communication and Local Community, and any difficult talks you’ve been avoiding are bound to come to the surface, whether you’re ready or not. The good news is that you can prepare and think through exactly what you need to say and how you feel. The hard part is knowing that you must be honest without being critical (as much as possible). You want your voice to be heard, and you deserve that, yet you also need to hold space and listen to what the other has to say. With Mercury still in retrograde, it’s essential not to jump to conclusions about another’s intentions—ask and clear the air so you can find the path forward. 


You might deal with some emotional upheaval during this time, Sagittarius. The full moon is appearing in your 12th House of Isolation and Subconscious, meaning some repressed feelings or deep emotional baggage may be calling for your attention—and it’s time to acknowledge them. It’s okay to have fears and anxieties, but escapism is often easier than sitting with the feelings and figuring out where they come from. If you can take the time to do some self-reflection and be present with what your mind and body are trying to tell you, it could lead to significant healing. However, healing is often not achieved by taking the easy way out, and you must be willing to dig deep if you’re going to make it happen. The only thing standing in your way is you—so make the move.