Galina Yarovaya

3 Zodiacs Who Need Shadow Work To Skyrocket Their Manifestations This December

Shadow work or the shadow self is all about unearthing the darkest, deepest parts of ourselves and our subconscious so we can heal. Bringing these taboo desires and emotions to the surface allows us to become more integrated, giving us permission to merge dark and light sides of ourselves so we can become even more powerful and manifest positive blessings with ease. Here are three zodiacs who are in dire need of some intense shadow work in order to skyrocket their manifestations in December. 


As the master of shadow work, rebirth, and cycles of transformation, you need to delve deep within to figure out why you’re having so much resistance to certain manifestations. You likely have a lot of anger toward the people who have betrayed you and hurt you, and you can harness that anger powerfully to remember what you deserve and take action to get it. This December, your manifestations will skyrocket at an alarming rate because you’ve learned to harness the power of your righteous, primal rage into gold. You’ve learned to think ten steps ahead and anticipate how to navigate even the worst situations with lethal ease. Now it’s time to unearth the emotional build-up that’s causing stagnancy so you can watch your manifestations launch with lightning speed into space. 


As the alchemist of the Zodiac, you can transform any negative experience into opportunity. You’re eternally optimistic, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t unresolved emotions and traumas bubbling beneath the surface, screaming to be seen and heard. Approach your taboo emotions with love, compassion, and confidence during this time Sagittarius. They will free you to achieve your wildest dreams. Your fears of shining brightly need to be addressed so your dreams can be a reality and so you can stop dimming your own light. Your emotions are signals, warning you of dangerous red flags. You’re allowed to own them, use them, honor them, and free them when need be. This emotional freedom will give your manifestations new wings to fly.


You need to tend to your wounded inner parts and inner child, Gemini. The truth of the matter is, you were an adult before you ever got to be a child. You’ve always taken pride in how precocious you were, but there are drawbacks to growing up so quickly. Your dark humor and wit hide the brutality you experienced throughout your life. It’s time to connect to your hidden sorrow and take refuge in your pain. When you dig deeper into your pain, you find the root of the wound, the trigger points of abandonment. You will learn never again to abandon yourself – and your ability to always choose yourself will cause your manifestations will bloom beautifully.