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3 Zodiacs Who Should Ask For A Raise On November 29

It can be nerve-racking even just thinking about asking for a raise. If the idea gets you all sweaty with anxiety, you’re not alone. If everyone was brave enough to ask for what they were worth, we’d all be making a lot more money. (Or jumping ship when we don’t get what we want.) But for the following three zodiac signs, November 29 is the perfect time to ask for a raise. It’s right toward the end of the year when many companies are having their performance reviews. Make it known that you want more–and that you deserve it–and you just might get it.


You’re the type to suffer in silence. You’ll be so upset with your job, complaining to your significant other when you get home, but your bosses are none the wiser. When you’re at work, you’re nothing but professional. Here’s the thing: Asking for a raise doesn’t make you a complainer. It just means that you know what you’re worth. If it makes you feel any better, remember that raises are a normal part of having a job. If you haven’t had a raise in years, that’s the exception, not the rule. You’re expected to ask for one, so you can stop feeling weird about it. On November 29, finally do what you should have been doing all along.


If anyone deserves a raise, it’s you. You’re the hard worker that might be making everyone look bad if it wasn’t for your hardcore team vibes and positive energy. Unfortunately, you’d prefer to have people notice your good work and just offer the raise to you without you haven’t to ask. As nice as that would be, most bosses aren’t going to hand out raises if they don’t have to. It’s not that you’re unappreciated, you’ll just have to go that extra step to have your pay reflect your abilities. Use November 29 as the day you finally ask for a raise.


While others on this list might constantly have the idea of a raise at the back of their minds, you mostly forget the concept even exists. You get so enthralled with your work–the actual tasks you do for your job–that everything else falls away. Well, consider this your reminder that raises exist for a reason. You’re a workaholic, so you may as well get paid like one. On November 29, let your boss know that you’d like to be paid more for everything you do. Heck, you might even get a promotion out of it.