3 Zodiacs Who Should Make A Move On Their Crush In June 2022

3 Zodiacs Who Should Make A Move On Their Crush In June 2022

This June, you shouldn’t sit around waiting for someone to sweep you off your feet. If you’re interested in dating someone special, then walk on over to them and ask them out. Be fearless and see where it takes you. It’s better than wondering how they feel. It’s better than passively hoping that they’re the one to make the first move. If you really want to date your crush, then take action – especially if you’re one of these zodiac signs:


Virgo, you like to set a plan and stick to it. And since you’re a perfectionist, you want to approach this person the right way. You don’t want to mess up your shot with them, which is why you keep waiting and waiting to make a move. But you can’t control every aspect of the world. You have to relinquish control and remind yourself that some things are out of your power. You are never going to get it perfect, so you might as well make your move and see what happens. Give yourself permission to say the wrong thing, to stumble over your words, to blush and embarrass yourself. If this person is right for you, they’ll find it endearing. And if they’re wrong for you, at least you’ll know now so that you can start to move on. 


Taurus, you like to take things slow, and that’s perfectly fine. But you have to remind yourself that if you keep putting off what you want to do, then there’s a chance you’ll miss your opportunity. This person might not be single forever. They might not realize how you feel if you aren’t saying the words, so they won’t even realize dating you is an option. Even though there’s a chance that speaking out about your feelings will end with a broken heart, you have to ask yourself whether you would rather pine after this person, with no idea whether they feel the same, or whether you would rather take a risk and see what happens. Even if they turn you down, you can be proud of yourself for trying. And it will be all that easier to try again next time.


Leo, even though you want someone to chase after you, you have to take initiative when you really like someone. You’re a natural born leader, so it shouldn’t be too hard to use your voice. To speak from the heart. To ask this person out and see if they’re interested. You’re a confident sign, so even if they turn you down, you’ll be able to bounce back. You’ll be able to find someone new who is excited to be with you. This person isn’t the only person in the world who has the potential to make you happy, but if you can’t stop thinking about them, why not make the move? Why do they have to be the one to do it? You have what it takes to put yourself out there. Don’t forget it.