Rodrigo Santos Souza

3 Zodiacs Who Should Welcome A New Beginning During This Week’s New Moon


The New Moon this month transits through your first house of self, personal identity, individuality, confidence, and new beginnings. This sector in your chart governs your focus, the impressions you make, how you express yourself, and how you navigate the world. You’re being granted an opportunity to personally reinvent yourself and realize your ultimate potential. You can use this lunar event to debut a new you, Gemini—one more empowered, more in alignment with their life’s purpose, more assertive, more expressive, and more true to themselves. Use this day to reflect on where in your life you’re not being authentic to your values and your desires. Is there a job or a relationship that makes you feel unlike yourself? What in your life leaves you feeling unfulfilled? Are there any toxic habits or patterns holding you back? How can you be more bold and self-assured in your life? Make a list of goals you’ve wanted to accomplish but have talked yourself out of pursuing because of fear. Come up with an action plan to get there. Dream big, but start with small steps. Leave behind your self-defeating beliefs. If you want to experiment with a new approach, a new style, or even a new hobby, now is the time to do it. Express yourself more unapologetically. Usher in a new era in which you project a more genuine you. 


The New Moon in Gemini is going to be a meditative one for you, Cancer. It’s important that you carve out some time alone to look inward and acknowledge ways in which you need to hold yourself accountable. This lunar event moves through your twelfth house of healing, intuition, fears, dreams, hidden desires, solitude, and closure. You’re being called to accept the past and move on from it, so you can move towards new beginnings. Today, you might feel some loss or grief as you come to terms with endings you’ve had a hard time accepting. Let go, Cancer. Release the things and people who were never meant for you. Get rid of your anxieties, fears, self-doubt, self-sabotaging behaviors, and self-limiting beliefs. Leave behind the aspects and relationships in your life that leave you feeling confined. Reflect on ways in which you can be more self-accepting. How can you believe in your worth again? How can you be more confident in your decision making? What do you need to do to step into a more empowered version of yourself? Set boundaries with yourself and others. Make an intention to incorporate more self-care and a spiritual practice into your routine. Let this New Moon move you closer to surrendering so you can welcome new experiences, ideas, and connections. Pay close attention to any dreams you have around this time, they’ll be bringing you guidance. 


This New Moon can be profoundly transformative for you, if you let it. It will be activating your eighth house of transformation, psyche, vulnerability, intimacy, death, rebirth, sex, secrets, power struggles, and shared resources. You need to let some things die, so that you may usher in the birth of new, beautiful beginnings. This means releasing all which no longer serves you and everything that keeps you confined—relationships that aren’t spiritually aligned with you, toxic patterns, self-doubt, old emotional wounds, work that doesn’t fulfill you, the things in your past you haven’t been able to let go. Certain truths you have been avoiding and some hidden desires may come to light around this lunation—consider them while setting your intentions. Remember that in order to usher in a new era, you’re going to have to learn to accept and embrace the parts of yourself which you’ve kept hidden from the world, even the darkest. Let your guard down, Scorpio. Make it a point to face your vulnerabilities and express them after this lunation. Own your voice. Be intentional when it comes to nurturing more intimacy in your emotional bonds. Lose your shame when it comes to your sexuality and your deepest sexual desires. You’d also benefit from brainstorming ways of minimizing your debt or maximizing your income. Let this powerful New Moon kickstart your metamorphosis.