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3 Zodiacs Who Struggle With Trust Issues In Relationships

Here are three zodiac signs who struggle with trust issues in relationships.

1. Scorpio

Trust does not come easily for this water sign. At all. Scorpio is absolutely terrified of getting hurt and being betrayed, especially by someone who they put their faith into. As such, Scorpio is always on the defense, questioning everyone’s intentions and sincerity. Scorpio lives their life by the idea that trust is not given, it is earned. As such, Scorpio make anyone who wants to be close to them work hard for their trust, especially a romantic parnter.

And even once their significant other has been deemed trustworthy by Scorpio, they will still need to continue to prove their trustworthiness throughout the relationship. In other words, they should never even think about lying or cheating, because intuitive Scorpio will find out. That’s a guarantee.

2. Cancer

The sign of the crab, Cancer is incredibly self-protective and retreats into themselves at even the slightest sign of danger. It takes Cancer a really long time to truly open up to someone else and come out of their shell.

Cancer will make others work hard for their faith, especially romantic partners. In order to feel safe, Cancer needs to sense they are appreciated and needed in the relationship. However, once Cancer determines their partner is truly trustworthy and here to stay, they will give them their whole heart.

3. Capricorn

Capricorn may be practical and realistic and emotionally reserved but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel things deeply and aren’t afraid of getting their heart broken. After all, Capricorn has been burned many times before and they know that not everyone is worthy of trust. Capricorn doesn’t forgive and forget. They remember and resent.

Capricorn’s biggest fears are being taken advantage of or being lied to. These are unforgivable transgressions to Capricorn. As such, Capricorn is very cautious when it comes to romance, especially today given the rampant ghosting and dishonesty found in modern dating. Capricorn will need to see that someone cares about them in order to believe it. Otherwise, Capricorn’s defenses kick in and they’re out the door before you can even ask them to wait.