Monica Turlui

3 Zodiacs Who Will Experience Good Karma In April


Generous Gemini, you’re overdue for some good karma this April. You have been scapegoated by jealous people who coveted your abundance and success, seeking to sabotage you to make themselves feel better about what’s lacking in their own lives. Your strong will and perseverance against the moral depravity of others has built your resilience, but it’s high time you finally received the fruits of your labor. For all your hard work, expect to become a magnet for even more blessings and financial windfalls as those who try to detract from your hard-earned joy wither into dust.


Sagittarius, you have transformed yourself a million times these past couple months and your rebirth has been excruciating. It is time to leave toxic relationships behind and set yourself free, clearing energy for the healthy self-love and romantic love you deserve to fully enter your life. For all the pain you’ve overcome, you will become receptive to good karma coming your way, miraculously boosting your love life and finances. Anticipate miracles and they will come to you with ease this April. 


Libra, what a caring and lovely person you’ve been, giving to others in such kind and mindful ways, soothing the hearts and minds of others, relieving their worries and doubt. Yet others have returned your kindness with cruelty, indifference, and an unwillingness to see your perspective. It is time for the Universe to balance the scales. It is time for you to receive positive karma for all the good you’ve done for others and the world. Make sure to focus on your self-care this April and take care of yourself for once. Nourish yourself and feed yourself the love you deserve and you will become a match for the love you seek. You deserve your own gentleness and compassion. You deserve the kindness you so freely give to others.