3 Zodiacs Who Will Finally Get Lucky In Their 60s

Make no mistake—success and failure are both hugely dependent on the decisions we make.

Most of the time, success requires sweat, plotting, organizing, intuition, and ruthless discipline. If you do all these things, you increase the odds that you will be successful.

On the other hand, if you make a bunch of risky and dumb decisions out of laziness, temptation, or spite, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect that your life will spiral down into one annoyingly dramatic crisis after the next, leading to failure and disaster. 

Still, there are many things about life that are completely a matter of chance. It’s important to know the difference between random luck and the laws of cause-and-affect.

Sometimes bad luck can strike out of nowhere. One can’t plan to have lightning strike your house and burn it to the ground, destroying a lifetime of memories. It’s not your fault if a car thief trying to elude police in a high-speed chase just happens to make a wrong turn down a one-way street and ends up putting you in the hospital. 

But then again, some people accidentally stumble ass-backwards into a pot of gold and enjoy good luck that has nothing to do with their skill, attitude, or effort. Mathematical aptitude has nothing to do with picking the right Lotto numbers. And when you bought that cute little framed painting at Goodwill, you had no idea it was a rare masterpiece valued at over a million dollars.

Here are three zodiac signs who may have to endure decades of disappointment sitting there at the slot machine before all three cherries line up and they hit the jackpot of life.

1. Capricorn

The Goat is the literal Greatest of All Time when it comes to keeping your word, being responsible, and planning for a safe and secure future. But somehow, all of your legendary discipline, patience, and restraint didn’t seem to do you a damned bit of good. You were honest to people who lied to you, fair to people who cheated you, and nice to people who were mean to you. As you enter your twilight years, you may even feel as if the Gods of Good Fortune have ghosted you. But they haven’t. Be a little more patient. Good things come to good people who wait. It’s in the stars.

2. Gemini

Just like a cheesy Hollywood movie where everything seems doomed until a twist ending where everyone lives happily ever after, you will enjoy a glorious and dramatic victory as your life enters its final stages. It’ll be like a come-from-behind win in a basketball game when the underdog team hits a three-point shot at the buzzer. It’ll be like a dazed and thirsty wanderer in the desert who is ready to abandon all hope until they cross over a dune and find a gorgeous tropical oasis. Mark my words—just when you feel ready to give up, a tiny angel will appear on your shoulder bringing you glad tidings of great joy.

3. Cancer

Oh, you poor little child of the Moon, despite your giant heart and noble efforts to build a stable and loving home, life sometimes has a way of kicking you in the ass and ruining your best-laid plans. So when you round the final corner and are in the home stretch of your life, an unexpected benefactor will appear from the shadows. Whether it’s Prince Charming sweeping you off your feet or a Sugar Daddy lifting you out of debt, something good will come your way later in life. You won’t expect it. Hell, you may not even deserve it.