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3 Zodiacs Who Will Have The Best Luck On November 21

Is luck made or does it find you whether you’re looking for it or not? If you’re one of the following three zodiac signs, you may just find your answer on November 21. As you move through your day, look for little ways that you could turn your luck in your favor. Make bold choices, go with the flow, and say yes to things that might give you anxiety. You have the power to turn your whole day around. Will you let it happen, or fight against the wave of luck that’s about to come your way?


There’s been something you’ve wanted to do for a while now. Normally, when you get the idea to do something fun or adventurous, you just go for it, but this thing? You’ve held yourself back for some reason. Since November 21 is filled with luck for you, now’s a good time to take that risk. Whether it’s asking out a crush, quitting your job, or finally buying that really cool yellow leather jacket you’ve had your eye on, this is your moment to make it happen. Even if things don’t end up going the way you expect or hope, it’ll still all work out in the end.


Even if you change literally nothing about your day today, good things are just going to find you. But if you really want to increase your luck on November 21, be on the lookout for those little magical moments that you otherwise might miss. It could be an overheard conversation about a cool art exhibit that just opened or someone mentioning an opening at their company for a career you’ve always wanted. Manifest even better luck by looking for the doors that are opening for you–and walk through each one.


Sometimes, all you need to do for good luck to find you is to listen to your heart and do the things that make you excited to be alive. As an adventurous Sagittarius, you have that in the bag. On November 21, say yes to all the things you want to do and all the plans or ideas that float your way. Make it the most epic Tuesday of your life. The odds are good that, even if it wasn’t going to be a naturally lucky day for you, you’ll make it amazing yourself by choosing to live your life to the fullest.