31 People Share Their Bridezillas Stories And What Happened To The Marriage After the Wedding

1. Not Happily Ever After

First wife was a Bridezilla. During the honeymoon she realized she was married and the wedding day was history. She wanted the big wedding, which she had, not the marriage. The next two years were hell until she finally tapped out. I was young and stupid and the thought of divorce never crossed my mind. I don’t know why it didn’t. I guess I just assumed I’d be miserable the rest of my life. When she told me she was leaving it felt as if the weight of the world was off of my shoulders. On a happy note her parents were still paying off the wedding when we divorced. That’s what happens when you allow your daughter everything she wanted….including 2 wedding dresses.


2. Dodged a Bullet

I didn’t marry the Bridezilla, but I had coordinated her wedding. We had a death in the family (6-month-old baby) a few days prior to the wedding. I called the bride and told her the situation, and said that my assistant would be stepping in for me so that I could attend the funeral.

She told me to send my assistant to the funeral and that I had better be at her wedding. I told her I would be sending her a refund and that no one would be coming to her wedding. The groom ended up leaving her after this whole thing went down, suffice to say he really dodged a bullet there.


3. Honeymoon Fight

Got into a huge fight about broccoli on the honeymoon, all my fault of course. I knew then it was a mistake, toughed it out for two more years of abuse before I left. So glad I did.


4. The Baby Wasn’t His

I have preformed a few ceremonies that came about because things fell through for whatever reason. Only one of which I had to walk away from. I had received a call from my SIL that one of her friends was supposed to get married and the priest had passed away the week before. They didn’t want to change the date and move anything, so they had asked if she knew anyone who could help out. I said sure, when is the wedding? It was supposed to be in an hour. Ok, I was on my way home from work where I had finished up an important meeting (I miss meeting in person) and was reasonably well dressed, so I called home to say I was going to be late. When I arrived, the “happy couple” had looked at me and asked if I had proper priests vestments. …Um, no, I don’t, and if I did, I would probably not be carrying them in my car. The bride had asked if I was able to go buy some and come back. I told her that I wouldn’t begin to know where to buy something like that. The groom then told me that if I can’t even try, then maybe I should leave. I did. My SIL told me they cornered a priest at the church and told him he had to marry them or they would sue the church for a breech of contract and that it was the moral thing to do.

They divorced 9 months later when her “surprise” baby was a different ethnicity than he was. Didn’t help that he had a side piece as well.


5. Her Wedding Ruined Our Relationship

My sister was a bridezilla. She asked me to be her bridesmaid. The dresses were hundreds of dollars and my mom ended up paying for it because she knew I couldn’t afford it. 70 bucks in alterations later the stupid dress finally fit. I lived in Edmonton at the time and my sister was in Abbotsford, BC (by Vancouver). She demanded I fly down for her bachelorette party. Fine. 300 dollar for a flight there and my bf drove out for the wedding and picked me up. 200 gas there, 200 back. The party was a week before the wedding so when I flew down I just stayed until the wedding. Stayed with my mom until my sister kicked me out on the night before her wedding. Wanted a “special night” with her TWO maids of honor. I was the only just bridesmaid and therefore couldn’t be there. During the bachelorette party I was told I needed to bring booze for myself and the bride. Fine. Went to the liquor store and she ran up 100 bucks on my card with what she wanted. Whatever it’s her wedding. Proceeds to drink none of it, went to bed at the hotel early because she was pissy for some reason. Then gave my alcohol, all 100 bucks of it, to her husband for his bachelor party the next night. Okay fine. Then she gets pissy my gift for them wasn’t off her registry. I looked at the registry and there was nothing under 200 bucks. Bitch even put a 900 dollar vacuum on there. Then has the balls to get angry that I was a bridesmaid and didn’t spend enough on her. All said and done HER stupid wedding cost ME over a thousand dollars and like I said my mom paid the 300 for my dress. She then didn’t speak to me for years after and only to tell me that she didn’t want me as a bridesmaid and I ruined her wedding. That she only asked me out of courtesy and that the spot was actually meant for her wedding planner, our cousin. Bitch. Dunno if she’s happily married or not, we don’t keep in touch. Her wedding ruined our relationship.


6. Divorce Party

My brother married a bridezilla. She yelled at my mother the day of for asking her where she wanted certain decorations at the reception site (there wasn’t a written plan so my mom had nothing to go off of). Never thanked my parents for financially contributing to the wedding. Accused a bridesmaid of trying to upstage her by getting a spray tan before the wedding. My brother wanted me to be in the wedding party but she told him to his face that I was too pretty to be in the wedding party and all of her bridesmaids had to be less attractive than her. Stole my SIL jacket in the middle of the reception-literally took it off her back- because one of the bridesmaids was cold (it was a night reception in the spring, the girl should’ve brought a jacket). The list goes on. Well they got divorced about a year later because apparently her demanding attitude carried over into the marriage. Needless to say, the rest of my family had a little party when we heard about the divorce.


7. After Some Weed, All Was Well

My mom was a mother-of-the-bride-zilla. She’s an alright lady generally, with her annoying habits here and there — but dayum. Woman cried because we refused to have a receiving line…. we got married in our backyard. The reception was on the other side of the yard. Why the shit would we have a receiving line?! She was beside herself for the better part of an entire year worrying what we would do if it rained (we had a giant tent, and ordered like 20 umbrellas). She also had a cow that the hem on her dress had gotten pulled loose by the ridiculous rhinestone stilettos she chose to wear (to a wedding in a yard… on grass…) I told my MOH to get her some duct tape and my mother, again, cried her eyes out. To this day she complains about the fabric runner we used for the aisle because her heels dug into it – saying how silly of a choice that was; everyone in the wedding party was aware of it, and wore wedges or flats, but she snorted that that wasn’t elegant. She LOATHED that I wore ballet flats. She was also appalled that for our rehearsal dinner, which was at our home, since that’s where our wedding was, consisted of takeout from our favorite local pizza and sandwich place and the rehearsal itself was all of 10 minutes. She decried it for being “borderline trashy.”

Thankfully following the ceremony my brother gave her a joint and all was well and happy for the party thereafter.


8. Being Sober Ruined Her Party

My buddy married a bridezilla. She was a bridezilla long before the wedding, and they had dated for about 7 years. I have no idea how they are doing. I just kind of stopped talking to him a few years after she claimed i ruined his birthday by remaining sober. I had driven 5 hours to be at his birthday.


9. She Left Me Three Months Later

She left me three months later. After the wedding and vacation was over I told her we need to pay the debt we just accumulated. She said she didn’t have much on her credit card and could pay it off in a couple of months if I picked up some of her bills. I agreed and three months later she had her credit card paid off she told me she wanted a divorce.

We had a budget for the wedding and should have had no debt at the end but in the last few weeks before the wedding she suddenly had to spend a ton of money on wedding shit I had never even heard of before. And when I say she spent a ton of money it came out of my pocket.

Edit: I feel I should give a little more explanation about how I ended up with the wedding debt since several people have asked why it wasn’t split evenly and about annulment.

We didn’t have any kids and only had assets we brought into the relationship. By taking the debt I was able to prevent her from hiring a lawyer to represent her in the divorce, which would have forced me to do the same and cost significantly more than the debts. The debt in itself was about $8,000 which isn’t a crippling amount but is still a lot of money to me. That was just the amount over budget on the wedding, she also had a car loan which I, thankfully, did not end up with. She comes from an upper middle class family and has a trust which is not something I could have gone after in the divorce. I make nearly double in income of what she does, a lawyer would have advised her to claim alimony. She wouldn’t have gotten a lot but she would have gotten something. The judge asked her repeatedly if she wanted to claim alimony.

Annulment is very uncommon where we live. We looked into it but did not meet the criteria for one. Instead we went to a quickie divorce lawyer who just puts paper work together and then we had to do everything else.

I luckily work with lawyers and was able to discuss things with them. None of them are divorce lawyers but they gave me a general idea of how things would work out if it got ugly.


10. He Kept the Dog

My cousin was married to one. He comes from a very not wealthy area, and has become successful himself after moving out of his hometown. His wife was extremely wealthy, even could say excessively. They married after a year of knowing each other, and boy was it a surprise to hear about the wedding plans. They spent +250K on the wedding, including catering by 5-7 different restaurants. Their food was from different cultures and cooked in front of you (think almost hibachi buffet style). They even had servers in tailed suits and white gloves serving taco bell after midnight once everyone was drunk. Once they got married, she was spending more money than he could make. She was getting mad because he wasn’t making enough, while she wasn’t working and they hadn’t had kids. They got divorced, and she gave him the ultimatum of getting his ring back or keeping the dog. He kept the dog. Her sister, a lawyer, helped her file a restraining order on him and they haven’t spoken since. Fuck her, but man did he dodge a bullet.

Edit: I forgot to say they finished the divorce papers exactly 1 year and 1 day after their wedding.


11. Labeled As One But Not Really One

My sister was labeled a bridezilla by the staff at her venue (I heard them). However, the chair coverings were red (supposed to be brown), there was no mirror in the bridal suite for her to get ready at, the photographer was late, the make up artist was very late (hence the issue with the mirror), the buffet was totally wrong (not a single dish she chose) and they charged 25$ a person for what was to be a 4 tier chocolate fountain, but ended up being a small plastic contraption that she saw them un boxing from Walgreens the day of (it’s a convenience store). On top of it all the wait staff was 1/2 the number the contract stated and the DJ refused to honor the play list selected. So, yeah, she lost it at the venue.


12. She Cheated

The couple I knew they spent tens of thousands on their wedding and then a couple of years later she cheated on him with a much younger man.


13. A Life of Lies

My brother’s fiancé went off on my mom in front of me and my sister when he was 45 minutes late to the rehearsal due to his best man’s car tire blowing out. “Where is your asshole of a son?!!?” Dude should have never showed up for the wedding.

Not only a bridezilla, but a total utter sociopath. Her life was completely fabricated and her parents (who didn’t show up for the wedding) called my mom to tell her the truth about it the day after. She had a rap sheet a mile long and a prison record. But my brother, who just wanted to believe that people can change, stuck it out for 7 years. Don’t do that. Don’t ever ever do that.


14. No Compromise, No Marriage

Married a groomzilla. We are talking costume changes between wedding and reception, yelling at the wedding planner, drag-out-all-night fights about whether we can add fruit kabobs so people would maybe get enough to eat, all that.

There was zero compromise; he made a lot of promises for things I had been wanting after the wedding and they never materialized, like a beach vacation and such.

Turns out, no compromise at the wedding meant no compromise anywhere else, so I left him after four years of marriage.

Best decision ever!!!


15. Radio Silence

My sister was a Bridezilla. She announced a 2 year engagement and asked me to be MOH. Then I got the opportunity to move across the country to pursue my career. It was 18 months before her wedding and her reaction to the news was “You’re going to leave me here to plan my wedding all by myself?” Like I had signed away my right to have a life for the Honor of being in her wedding. She made us all spend hundreds of dollars on specialized dresses, the bachelorette party had a dress code and a steep price tag. For 10 years before her engagement I had consistently had blue/green/purple hair but knowing she is conservative I let the color grow out. I had natural color but a short bob with undercut that she went on about. In the lead up we talked every few days to discuss her wedding it was the closest we’d ever been and then as soon as she was married I got radio silence, and she even forgot my Birthday. Needles to say we don’t speak anymore so I have no idea how her marriage is going.


16. It’s All Just Stress

My gf of 10 years is VERY down-to-earth and level headed. We finally decided to get married later this year for a few reasons, and she’s feeling a lot of phantom pressure to do things a certain way. It’s not like there is an overbearing mom or catty friends applying pressure or expectations. It’s just the whole idea is overwhelming and filled to the brim with opportunities to make a decision you might end up regretting later (or forver).

I’ve taken a more active role in narrowing down options instead of asking her to pick a perfect solution out of 5,000,000 possible options. It’s helped somewhat, but there is still a lot of pressure on her (seemingly out of no-where) to make a series of decisions that all depend upon the first few BIG decisions that are weighing heavily on her/us.

All this to say… I can see how this kind of stuff could turn a normal woman into a lunatic. These types of events tend to bring latent family and friend drama to the forefront, and emotions are high before shit even really gets started. My guess is that a lot of the Bridezillas were actually lovely people who calmed down and returned to being lovely people after the stress of the wedding stuff is removed.


17. Devil’s Triangle

Married a bridezilla. In the 18 months we were married, she was such an unfit mother (too many instances to list here), that when the divorce was finalized, I got custody of our kid AND the kid she had prior to our marriage.

Also, she was a blackout drunk and cheated on me with several different men. Final straw was when I had to travel out of state to check on my grandmother. I came back a day early, saw used Marlboros in the ashtray – not her brand – I don’t smoke – and then I heard grunting and groaning in the bedroom. Yep, there she was. And there he was. And there HE was. Devil’s Triangle. Contacted a divorce lawyer the next day, finalized it as fast as possible.


18. Divorce

Divorce, my army buddies said they could see it coming, I am easy going enjoy almost everything, and she was upset after what looked like a perfect wedding. She later said she wanted a smaller wedding.

I don’t talk to her or read emails and texts from her. Full of anger and spite, and I tell her so usually in a reply.

Last year her tax return was deposited in my bank account, and I contacted her to ask for account details so I could transfer it to her. I got a three page email about how if I spent anything she would have lawyers go after me. So I mailed a check to her, the slowest way possible.


19. Broke It Off

Ex-fiancee was super normal until we got engaged. She went from small simple wedding with less than 100 guests to grand hall and wanting to invite everyone she ever exchanged more than three words with. She wanted to import flowers. Made no sense. The final straw was when she scheduled an appointment with a real estate agent to SELL MY HOUSE to pay for the wedding. Also, her family was loaded but wasn’t going to contribute anything. Broke it off. She got engaged again 1 yr later to an attorney and didn’t read the prenup before signing. They got married and divorced 1 month later. She got nothing and is still alone.


20. Therapy

We had a rough marriage for a few years, then she started getting treatment for mental health issues that she had, we both do some therapy and now we are really good together and have a lovely family.


21. He Was Washing Another Man’s Underwear

My ex sister-in-law was an absolute Bridezilla.

I grew up in the UK and come from a fairly big family, I have 6 older siblings. They’d been engaged for almost 6 months of a 24 month engagement when I left the country to go travelling through Australia and as a result I wasn’t present for most of her batshit craziness.

They set the date and sent out invites. I explained to my brother that I wouldn’t be coming home for it, among other reasons one of my other siblings was also getting married about 2 months later (neither had set a date when I left), I’d been saving for a long time to go travelling and I couldn’t afford to attend both and didn’t want to attend one and not the other. Both my siblings were very accepting of my decision, one day I get FB message from bridezilla asking when I’d be landing back in the UK for the wedding. I told her that I’d already spoken to my brother and thank you for the invite but I wouldn’t be attending, in response I received a message calling me almost every name under the sun and telling me that if I didn’t attend it would break my brothers heart and I’d never be welcome in their home. I reached out to my brother and he apologized for her but put it down to the stress of the wedding.

They’d divorced before I made it home after my brother realized he was washing another man’s underwear. I was only travelling for about 2 years.


22. It Doesn’t Get Better

Quick version: after the wedding the sex dried up. It went from a few times a week to a few times a month to a few times a year in the first 5 years. She stopped cooking, cleaning and quit her job in the same time period. We had a daughter. She barely paid attention to her. Her mother came over when I was at work and as soon as I got home it was my turn.

Fast forward 10 years. She tells me she wants a divorce. Shortly thereafter I find out she’s banging the contractor I hired to work on the house. Later I find out she had been cheating for almost the entire marriage. We get divorced. She refuses to move out because she will have to get a job.

If she’s a bridezilla run away. It doesn’t magically get better.


23. Bridezilla Barbie to Gold Digger Barbie

Thankfully not me, but my brother David (not his real name). The engagement lasted almost twice as long as the marriage.

A little backstory: David met Amy (also not her real name) while in college. He was attending a well-known US law school, she was getting a Sociology degree at a nearby college. We got along well with her. She was fun and funny, and they seemed perfect together.

We grew up in a lower-middle-class home and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Given the choice, we’d choose camping over a 5-star resort. We’re happier eating a hot dog at a ballgame than a Ribeye at Ruth’s Chris. The funny thing is, Amy grew up only slightly better off, so none of us have any idea where Bridezilla Barbie came from.

Literally from the moment they were engaged, she turned into an entitled “do-you-know-who-my-fiancee-is” little princess that only got worse each time we saw her. Fortunately this wasn’t often, as he landed an amazing job at a well-known US corporation in a major US city in another time zone.

He was paid well, which of course meant they couldn’t have a “pedestrian” wedding anymore, it had to be over-the-top.

Aside from the expense, the other dangerous thing about over-the-top weddings is the extra service and attention that brides enjoy. If you’re a dress-maker, the bride ordering that $20,000 gown is going to get your “A” game”. Ditto for caterer, florist, and all the rest. For the year-long engagement, Bridezilla Barbie was treated like a queen and grew used it.

Leading up to the wedding, each of our family (siblings and Mom) at one point or another talked to David and asked, “Are you really sure about this?” No conspiracy or anything – we were also just concerned about what he was getting himself into.

The big day comes and goes. No real drama at the wedding, but it was THE AMY SHOW, with a cameo appearance by David. He didn’t mind, but it was very clear to everyone that he was only an accessory.

Once they got home from the honeymoon, she was shocked to discover she lived in a world that didn’t exist to kiss her ass. That’s when she turned from Bridezilla Barbie to Gold Digger Barbie. She refused to work, demanded a BMW (apparently to ease her commute to the job she did not have — more on that in a sec), and ran up credit card debt. After about six months, he’d had enough. He hadn’t even finished paying for the wedding before it was over.

She pushed for alimony, but in the end, the final judgment was he would assume full credit card debt, they’d split marital assets, each would keep their own car. Which brings us to the BMW. It was a lease. And in all the wrangling, she forgot it was in her name. So payments were on her.

This was 20+ years ago. He remarried eventually and they have two girls. He left the world of 90-hour work weeks, found a business partner, opened a small firm, and kept his stomach lining and conscience intact.

I have no idea what happened to Amy. Good luck to bad rubbish.


24. No Longer Friends

I was in her wedding and she was a coworker I barely knew . When she asked me I said yes bc I thought it was sad . She must not have many people to ask and is doing it out of desperation. This would be the last time I ever agree to do it for anyone . It was a year of hell ! She called constantly I think we had like 6 different dress dates all out of town . She took up every weekend for a year and cost all of us sooooo much money ! Hair , makeup , nails , shoes , dress fittings . She wanted the best of the best . Every outing included a lunch and tons of drinks that the bridesmaids were expected to pay bc #shesGettingmarried . It was so many arguments, tears , her calling all of us at our work ( in this time I had found a better job ) I hated her by the end . I went to the wedding and watched her scream and cry all day . She had bought a dress a size smaller expecting to lose weight and not doing it so we couldn’t get the back zipped up . Someone came up with the idea to go out and buy a white fur Shaw to wrap around her . It looked cute ( yup she got married in an unzipped dress . She also spent hours telling the rest of us that the we must have had them alter our dresses bigger so we could fit in them 🙄. It was wild but we got that bitch married ! . I was the first to leave . We watched her cut the cake and then left . I swore to never talk to her again as did most of the wedding party . She called me a 1.5 years later telling me the guy had left her . She was in a ton of debt from the wedding and then started complaining that the only reason I was friends with a girl from the wedding was bc of her and how crappy we were for going to the beach and not inviting her . She also hinted that we kinda owed her for the wedding debt bc we didn’t stop her from over spending . “ you guys were suppose to be my friends and you knew I didn’t have the money . Why would you do that ? “ I hung up and blocked her number.


25. Immaturity Toward Marriage

Step daughter in law is was a text book bridezilla. Lost 2 bridesmaids in the early stages due to her being a relentless bitch asking for unrealistic things. Then had to find people who fit the dress sizes of the ones that dropped out. She filed for divorce on their anniversary and then pulled it back. Then he filed a few months later and pulled it back. I ignore them both because they deserve each other with their pathetic immaturity toward marriage.


26. Mad About An Instagram Post

My sister was a bridezilla (and now the beast is just bigger). I almost was uninvited from the wedding because she didn’t like an Instagram post I had made (that wasn’t about her). lmao she’s getting divorced now and I haven’t spoken with her in 6 months.


27. Gave Up Everything

My best friend married a bridezilla. He gave up his shares in a restaurant he’d worked in since he was 14 years old. Gave up his friends, who are family to him. Moved across the country to work two jobs (at one point three) to put her through med school. And she cheated on him. Then blamed him for everything. Refused to talk to a therapist because she knows she’s full of shit. Then sued him after the divorce.


28. Life Sized Portrait of Just Her

She paid for a life size portrait of her in the wedding dress. It was very important at the time… The marriage lasted one year before she cheated. I hope her future suitors take that as a clue…. or not I don’t really give a damn.

Edit: I’m remarried and happy now.


29. Lasted Three Months

My cousin married one. It lasted three months. He eloped with his second wife. They’ve been together for 15 years.


30. He Showed Everyone Proof

My brother’s friend almost married a bridezilla. At the wedding, during reception, the groom put up the text messages of the bride sexting other men on the projector for everyone to see, and then walked out of the wedding. Savage.


31. We All Saw It Coming

Friend married a bridezilla, they were separated leading to divorce less than a year later. She got back with her loser ex. Friend was absolutely devastated but several years after he’s found a sweetheart and they’ve just had a baby. All worked out but we def saw it coming at their wedding.