30 Hilarious Pickup Lines More Women Should Use

30 Hilarious Pick Up Lines That Will Get You Any Guy You Want

“I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, but I wish it was you.” — CinnamonBunzAttack72

“Are you the host of Wheel of Fortune? Because I want you to give me a D.” — shock5006

“Nice face. I’d like to frame it with my legs.” — theVillageGamer

“Your arms look so strong! I bet you could pick me up.” — lightnessofbeanstalk

“My car was stolen. Can I ride you instead?” — Matilda__Wormwood

“My lipstick smells like strawberries, want to see what it tastes like?” — mac-n-cats

“You look great in that shirt, but you’d look better in me.” — WunDumGuy

“Want a Mountain Dew? I’ll mount and do you any time!” — Scrappy_Larue

“Your face would look so much better if I sat on it.” — Burgess237

“I wish I was your car so you could fill me up.” — BlackDrackula

“I like my men like I like my coffee. Rich and bitter.” — ShutUpHeExplained

“Are you a burger? Because you can be the meat between my buns.” — RandomGuyWithStick

“Ey boy, are you a criminal? Because I see you are hung.” — nothing_in_my_mind

“Do you like pudding? Because you’ll be pudding it in me later!” — [deleted]

“I hope you are a plumber because: A) I need some pipe B) you are causing a flood C) I think I have a leak D) I’d like a private installation in my bedroom E) I need someone to check under my sink.” — TheMemoryofFruit

“Are you looking for a job? I have an opening you can fill.” — Walden_swirl

“Do you like pizza? Because I’m gonna break you off a pizza this ass.” — [deleted]

“Hey baby, you got any wood for this beaver?” — [deleted]

“Baby you’re my personal Rubiks cube, the more I play with you the harder you’ll get.” –[deleted]

“Is my vagina crying, or are you just sexy?” — hejsmukke

“Want to give me an Australian kiss? It’s like french kissing, but you’re going down under.” — hejsmukke

“Are you any good at camping? Because I can teach you to pitch a tent!” — SamPike512

“Do you work for an Amazon distribution center? Because I need my box stuffed.” — Eddie_Savitz_Pizza

“I’m with the CIA – Cock Inspection Association. I think you might have a weapon of ass destruction in your pants, I have to check.” — Tsquare43

“Bet it’s cold out tonight, do you have somewhere warm to keep your package?” — [deleted]

“You’re so fine I’d kiss your dad to get a taste of the original recipe.” — QueenBritt

“Amazon said they delivered my package, but I couldn’t find it. Is that it in your pants?” — nostalgic_dragon

“Is that a pogo stick between your legs? Because I wanna bounce up and down on it.” — Ondaii

“Are you a gardener? Because I’d like to see how you plant your seed.” — [deleted]

“Do you think your dick could be a gentleman and stand up so I have a place to sit?” — Connor149