4 Birth Months Who Always Fall For People At The Worst Possible Time
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4 Birth Months Who Always Fall For People At The Worst Possible Time

Unfortunately, love isn’t the only thing you need in order to make a relationship last. Timing is also incredibly important. If you meet someone at the wrong time for you or for them, then things aren’t going to work out, no matter how badly you want them too. Here are some birth months who always fall for people at the worst possible time:


You always fall for people at the worst possible time for them. You feel like you’re always receiving excuses about how they’re not ready to enter a relationship right now or are still dealing with getting their heartbroken from someone else. Or maybe they’ve even started dating someone else. If you would have met at a different time, then your relationship could have been something beautiful. But you weren’t able to control the timeline. You weren’t able to prevent this from happening. It has nothing to do with you, so even though it’s been hard to say goodbye to these people, at least you know it’s nothing that you personally did that pushed them away. It was simply the timing.


It seems like there are always outside factors getting in the way of your relationships. You feel like, if you met this person a little earlier or a little later, then you would have ended up as a successful couple. But you just weren’t able to make it work because of factors outside of your control. You both love each other, but love is not always enough. You need to be on the same page too. You need to want the same things and be in a similar headspace. Otherwise, it’s bound to fall apart, and that’s exactly what keeps happening to you. You keep meeting incredible people — but the timing just isn’t right. It just isn’t meant to work out.


You always fall for people when you least expect it. Or more accurately, when you least want it. When you aren’t ready to take that leap because you’re dealing with overcoming a past heartbreak or are too busy with work or are dealing with some other factor that has absolutely nothing to do with this other person. Even though you’ve tried to make relationships with bad timing work, it’s just not possible. It’s too hard to accomplish. You wish that you met certain people at a different time in your life, but unfortunately, that’s not the way it worked out. Unfortunately, you’ve had to part ways with them even though it was the last thing you wanted to do.


You feel like you have the worst possible timing because you’re always meeting incredible people when they aren’t able to enter a relationship with you. When they have no choice except to push you away. You can sense the chemistry between you. You can tell that you would have a wonderful time together if they only gave you a chance. But they aren’t able to do that because the timing is wrong. Because they aren’t in a place to call you theirs. It sucks, and it feels like it keeps happening to you again and again. But eventually, you’ll find someone ready for you. Someone excited to be with you.