Elena Rubtsova

4 Birth Months Who Are Unintentional Heartbreakers

Some people are going to hurt you unintentionally. They won’t set out to break your heart, but that doesn’t mean the pain you’ll experience will be easy to handle. Sometimes it’s even rougher knowing this person wasn’t trying to be mean. They were simply doing what they believed was best for themselves — and for you too. Here are the birth months who break hearts without meaning to:


People born in April are ruled by passion. They don’t always think through what they’re going to say and the impact it’s going to have on the people around them. They will do whatever feels right in the moment because they trust their gut. Unfortunately, since they don’t think too far into the future, this means that they might end up having a wild, adventurous time with you on a whim — and then walking away as soon as they realize you’re not who they wanted after all. In their minds, they might think they’re doing a good thing because they’re showing you a fun time. They don’t realize that others are only looking for something permanent, and can get so hurt by temporary feelings.


People born in July make incredible partners, but they don’t always realize it. In fact, they usually have low self-esteem that makes it hard for them to believe that anyone would want to be with them. Since they don’t understand how much they matter to others, they end up breaking hearts without realizing. They assume that the other person won’t mind when they cancel plans or avoid texting back, so they don’t hesitate to isolate themselves. But little do they know that their actions are actually heavily influencing others. Their actions are causing more heartache than they would ever guess.


People born in September are going to do whatever is best for themselves, and they aren’t going to feel guilty about it. They are going to walk away when the sense even the smallest red flag because they don’t want to waste their time with the wrong person. In their mind, they think it’s a good thing that they’re walking away before the other person gets too attached — but they can come across as brutal. It can feel like they’re barely even giving you a chance to prove yourself, but they believe that when they know, they know. They are trying to save you some heartache by cutting out of their life early, but they could actually end up causing heartache by making you wonder how they knew you weren’t right for them so quickly.


People born in October are naturally flirtatious. They enjoy giving out compliments and getting to know others on a deeper level. Even when they aren’t intentionally flirting, their friendliness can be mistaken for something more. They can accidentally convince others that a relationship is on the horizon, when really, they treat everyone the same way. They aren’t trying to break hearts by acting like this. In fact, it’s the opposite. They’re trying to spread kindness everywhere they go. They’re trying to make this world a nicer, gentler place. Unfortunately, this can backfire and end up causing others heartache that is hard to get over.