4 Birth Months Who Aren't Sure How To Express Their Love

4 Birth Months Who Aren’t Sure How To Express Their Love

Expressing love comes easily to some, but not all. It can be tricky to let your loved ones know how much they mean to you, especially when you have avoided vulnerability throughout most of your life. Although you want to treat your family, friends, and partners the way they deserve, you might not know how. Here are the birth months who aren’t sure how to express their love:


You aren’t sure how to express your love because you feel awkward speaking straight from the heart. But love is embarrassing. It’s messy. It’s going to make you feel a little foolish at times – and that’s okay. You need to lean into it. Don’t worry too much about looking cool. You should shout your love from the rooftops because your person deserves to hear how much you care. They deserve to feel spoiled. They deserve reassurance that you love them and your feelings haven’t changed. Even though it might be uncomfortable to be this vocal at first, you’re going to get used to it. It will get easier and easier to speak from the heart as time goes on. You just have to practice.


You aren’t sure how to express your love. You typically resort to telling jokes and using sarcasm instead of saying something sweet and sentimental. Speaking from the heart has always been tough for you. You feel uncomfortable being that vulnerable, even with someone that you love dearly. Although you want your family, friends, and partner to know how much you care, you struggle to show it. You aren’t sure how to get your feelings across in a clear way.


You aren’t sure how to express your love because you have been stuck in unhealthy relationships in the past. You have been with partners who showed their ‘love’ through passionate arguments and controlling behaviors. Although you know that isn’t what love is supposed to look like, it’s hard to break out of those bad habits. It’s hard to start over fresh when you’re used to doing things a certain way. You want to express your emotions in a healthy, loving way but you aren’t always able to do so. Sometimes, you end up crossing lines – but as long as you keep trying to learn and do better, you should be proud of yourself. Take baby steps if you need to do so. They’re still taking you in the right direction. Any progress is good progress.


You aren’t sure how to express your love, so people tend to think that you couldn’t care less about them even when they mean the world to you. You don’t mean to make anyone feel unimportant, but it can happen accidentally because you aren’t as vocal about your feelings as other people are. You assume that your actions are doing the talking for you – but some people need to hear the words out loud. They need some verbal reassurance. Even though it’s hard for you to express your love through words, try your best.