4 Birth Months Who Should Avoid Reuniting With Their Exes
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4 Birth Months Who Should Avoid Reuniting With Their Exes

Just because someone was good for you once upon a time, doesn’t mean they’re still good for you today. Remember, you broke up for a reason, so cutting contact with your ex is probably a good idea. It’s probably the best way for you both to move on and find where you really belong. Here are the birth months who should avoid reuniting with their exes:


If you were born in March, you can be too kind for your own good. Although you might miss your ex, that doesn’t mean it’s the best idea to contact your ex. Remember, you are allowed to love and care about them from afar. You don’t have to allow them back into your life, just because you’re feeling bored or lonely or are missing what they used to bring to your life. You’re going to need to adjust to life without them, and that won’t be easy, but it will be worth it in the end. Despite how badly you might want to talk to them, remember that it’s in your best interest (and theirs) if you stay apart for a while.


If you were born in October, then you are almost too forgiving. Whenever someone betrays you, you give them the benefit of the doubt. You allow them to make up for what they’ve done, even if they don’t deserve a second (or third, or fourth) chance. But moving forward, you need to remember that forgiving someone doesn’t have to mean reuniting with them. You can forgive them while choosing to want nothing to do with them in the future. You can forgive them while leaving them out of your life completely. You don’t have to keep giving them more and more chances to hurt you.


If you were born in June, you want to explore all of your options. You don’t want to live a life of regret, so if you’ve been regretting the breakup in even the smallest ways, you might want to see what it feels like to rekindle things with your ex. But you split apart for a reason. You can’t keep second-guessing your own decisions. You need to stick with what you have decided. You need to be confident that you made the right choice, that you are better off without them. You need to trust yourself.


If you were born in July, you place too much blame on yourself. Even if your partner was clearly to blame for the breakup, you will convince yourself that it was somehow your own fault. You will feel like it’s unfair to punish your partner for leaving when you could have done so much differently. But even if it really was your fault the relationship ended, that doesn’t mean you owe them your time or attention anymore. You are broken up. You don’t owe them a thing. You need to stop being loyal to them when they weren’t even loyal to you during the course of your relationship. Live for you. Not for them.