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5 Zodiacs Who Value Loyalty Above All Else

You need more than love to make a relationship work. For some signs, the relationship isn’t going to last unless you can trust each other fully. Unless you feel confident that this person isn’t going to screw you over and cause you pain. Here are some zodiacs who value trust and loyalty over everything else:


Leos are one of the most loyal signs in the zodiac. They are never going to betray their partners because they mean it when they make a commitment. Even though they can get pretty flirtatious when they are single and unattached, they aren’t going to cross any boundaries when they’re in a serious relationship. They aren’t going to risk doing anything that might make their partner feel uncomfortable. They are going to remain loyal throughout the relationship because they know that destroying the trust will lead to the end of the relationship. They value loyalty above all else, so they aren’t going to be unfaithful at any point.


Scorpios want their partners all to themselves. They aren’t interested in sharing – but they aren’t hypocrites either. Since they expect their partners to remain completely loyal, they are going to do the same. They are going to stick to their word, no matter what. They would never dream of breaking a promise that they’ve made to their person because they pride themselves on their honesty. Once they commit to someone, they don’t play games. They take their commitment seriously because they want their partner to do the same.


Taurus aren’t going to commit right away because they aren’t the type to fall in love at first sight. They need time to get to know their partner. They need to build trust one step at a time. Which is why they aren’t going to risk destroying that trust. They aren’t going to throw away months’ or years’ worth of work on a whim. Taurus are good at controlling themselves. They stick to the plan instead of acting impulsively, so remaining faithful isn’t all that hard for them. After all, they wouldn’t be in a relationship with someone unless they wanted this person and only this person.


Capricorns aren’t going to get involved in a relationship unless they’re confident that this is the right person for them. They aren’t interested in playing games. They simply want to settle down and start to build a home with someone that they love. They are going to be a loyal partner because they take their commitments seriously. Even though it’s hard to break down their walls, once they let you inside, they will be faithful to you. They will do whatever it takes to make you happy. They will treat your relationship with the utmost respect.


Pisces never want their partners to wonder whether they are loved or respected. They are going to treat their person wonderfully from day one because that’s how they would want their partner to treat them. Pisces always look at situations from other people’s POVs, so they aren’t going to do anything too selfish. They aren’t going to lie or cheat. They are going to respect their partner and respect the relationship – and they hope that their partner will do the same.